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9th Grade Art 2014-2015 (thus far)

I teach three classes this year: 9th Grade Art, Studio Art I and Studio Art II/II.

9th Grade Art has been a lot of fun and is about to get even better as we branch into a variety of different media. 151 more words

Art 1 - Oil Pastels

After drawing from observation, students created a balanced compositions of animals.  Once there was a balanced composition with overlap, objects going off the edge and a focal point off center, students chose a LIMITED color scheme (analogous, complementary or triad).   69 more words

Art 3H - Oil Pastel

After studying cubism, we worked with our own photographs to abstract and break up our portraits.  Once a composition was approved, students enlarged their drawings onto Cresent Cold Press Illustration board.   66 more words

Intro to Painting, Large Candy Paintings

Intro to Painting has created large-scale candy paintings by photographing real candy and working from close up shots. The purpose of this exercise was to learn about creating highlights and shadows within a color.  58 more words

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Digital Art's Bird Illustrations

To kick off Semester 2 of the 2014-15 school year, Digital Art is learning Adobe Illustrator!  Their first project is to design a character for a new video game.  47 more words

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Intro to Painting, Collage with Hand-made, painted papers

Intro to Painting has created Collage paintings using hand-made, painted paper.  Each color that you see in these paintings was painted by a group of 30 students.  38 more words

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