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Phobias (Color & Design: creative project #2)

Students in Color & Design were challenged to create an original artwork that expressed a fear or phobia. They chose the media and technique that they wanted to improve for the assignment.

Color & Design

Veteran's Day Flag Lesson

A quick lesson for Veteran’s day!

This simple lesson can be completed using a variety of media.  I used colored pencils because they were on hand.   207 more words


Only "working" 2 days this week!

So today was day 1 of the 2 that I will actually be in the classroom this week.  I am pretty excited about it since we are on the countdown to Thanksgiving and let’s be honest, we all need a break. 102 more words


Carnegie Mellon University: School of Art

Here is a simple truth: The more you do something the better you become at doing it.

A college drawing professor of mine taught this principle well. 406 more words


Look who's advocating for the arts?

I know that I promised a post about Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Art this week. But, I happened to find inspiration for art.college.life. in two unexpected places, so CMU will need to wait a week. 258 more words


I likes, I wonders and what ifs

I have survived my first 9 weeks at Cross County High School! Project Based Learning is making me want to always do Critical Friends with everything I do so here are my  92 more words


What was your experience learning visual art in high school?

Visual art has always been the most compelling force throughout my entire life that I could always turn to, no matter how tough times were.  My desire to draw as a child was insatiable, and I relished every weekly art class in elementary school. 291 more words