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Traditional School Didn’t Work For Me, So I Enrolled in an Online School

This article truly reminds me of the Martha Beck article “How to be Wildly Successful”. I love the soundbite from the article “The school system was created mainly by people who are natural Follow Thrush. 288 more words

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90-Year-Old Guy Finally Awarded High School Diploma

Didja see the recent news about this happening at a high school graduation ceremony in Elmira Heights NY? It was a sentimental journey for him back to 1943 when he quit school to join the Navy in World War II. 147 more words


I want to take a minute and shift focus to an area in my life I haven’t really talked about here. I want to bring it up because, while I love being a mother and I’m so looking forward to our summer plans, another huge part of my life is my job. 470 more words

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