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Traditional School Didn’t Work For Me, So I Enrolled in an Online School

This article truly reminds me of the Martha Beck article “How to be Wildly Successful”. I love the soundbite from the article “The school system was created mainly by people who are natural Follow Thrush. 288 more words

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90-Year-Old Guy Finally Awarded High School Diploma

Didja see the recent news about this happening at a high school graduation ceremony in Elmira Heights NY? It was a sentimental journey for him back to 1943 when he quit school to join the Navy in World War II. 147 more words


I want to take a minute and shift focus to an area in my life I haven’t really talked about here. I want to bring it up because, while I love being a mother and I’m so looking forward to our summer plans, another huge part of my life is my job. 470 more words

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maturità. high school diploma. ready?

Carissimi! Last post from me for you. Just for  you.

E per la vostra felicità scrivo due righe in italiano. E sempre per la vostra felicità (ma questo non significa che non dovete impegnarvi a fondo), vi linko un articolo uscito oggi relativamente ai motivi per cui alcuni pensano che l’esame di maturità sia inutile. 35 more words


90-Year-Old WWII Veteran Finally Gets High School Diploma

CARBONDALE — It was a big night in Carbondale for a 90-year-old World War II veteran as he finally received his high school diploma.

Ronald Gilroy even walked the stage with the graduating class Wednesday night at Carbondale Area High School. 320 more words


Benefits of Distance High School Diploma

The pupils which cannot go to physically there courses now you can find some very good news for your people as now they can utilize the distance high school diploma which can be now obtainable for the simpler for the college students. 365 more words


Pretend Senior High School Degree or diploma - What You Have To Find out

Would you like to participate in a laugh on people? Do you want to false your moms and dads? Desire to make your mates believe that you could be smart than you undoubtedly are? 524 more words

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