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The Prologue

In seventh grade I rode bus 365, none of my own friends rode the bus so I ended up talking to the sixth grader I went to camp with years ago and her friend, Dee*. 2,343 more words


Don't be dickish (copyrighted by ME!)

Yes, Again…….. 

It’s amazing.  No matter where I go, no matter what I do… WOMEN are my downfall.  And just to clarify.  I like men.  I am talking about catty women (aka 20-something-year old to 70-something-year old GIRLS) who try to ruin my life – or “friends” who turn out to be dick-ish.   1,202 more words

High School Drama

Chapter 5- self centered much?

everyone knows someone who is self centered.  they only talk about themselves, they only think about themselves, and they don’t give a flying f*ck about you.   480 more words

The Kidney Hypothetical

The Kidney Hypothetical by Lisa Yee, Arthur A. Levine Books (March 31, 2015). ISBN: 9780545230940. Reviewed by John R. Clark, MLIS

Having been named after a long sought particle, Higgs Boson Bing might feel pretty inadequate, or at least insecure. 201 more words


Alert! High school drama!

I really  hope this book is a piss-take/parody at a teenager’s life because that’s the angle I chose to read it. Something like “Nothing is more definitive than lunchroom seating” is just way over the line shallow and unimportant. 734 more words


Read This If You're A High School Girl, And You Kind Of Hate Life Right Now

The world sees you, you know. On days when you don’t feel beautiful. On mornings when you spend an hour in front of the bathroom mirror. 804 more words

This is not a high school show. This is a show.

For better or worse, there’s a stigma on high school drama.

There’s an expectation that it’s all about inexperienced actors getting their time on the stage. 400 more words