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Dear Bitch: A letter to my daughter’s bully

Dear Bitch,

Are you a good bitch or a bad bitch? You have got to get your shit straight. This is projection. This is about your ego being so fucking emaciated, that you were forced to trade in your empathy for blood. 674 more words

Dear Cupid, You're A Jerk: A Clueless 9 Hour Conversation

When I was fifteen I had very little experience with flirting. I didn’t know how to flirt or tell if someone is flirting with me. Because of this, I came off cold and uninterested. 726 more words


Ragrets Learned

Ignore the spelling, or if you get it, then rock and roll!

As cliche as it may sound, there are no regrets, just lessons learned. My biggest LESSON LEARNED (believe me, that was hard to type) was not transferring for high school. 542 more words

Random Thoughts On A Site

Me, Dave and Barry (Manilow)

Once upon a time in a far off land….

I was young once. And cute. But not heartless- until one fateful day….

Way back when, there was a boy I went to school with, Dave Etchison- a nice enough boy, as boys went back then.  250 more words

Blog as my best friend

I guess that the period of my life where I prefer sitting in the nature all by myself over talking to the tons of trash people and few friends at school has returned into my daily schedule. 486 more words

Diary-like Posts

Top 5 High School Based Shows:

I’ve been out of High School for…well, long enough. No need to get into numbers here. While I was in school, like a lot teenagers, I was obsessed with the lives of teens on television.   1,053 more words

Jenn O

[Free eBook] Heat of the Moment by Lauren Barnholdt [Young Adult Friendship Drama Novel]

Heat of the Moment by Lauren Barnholdt is the 1st novel in her Moment of Truth series of contemporary teen friendship drama with romantic elements, free for a limited time courtesy of publisher HarperCollins’ HarperTeen imprint. 314 more words

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