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Good morning, senpai! Company offering wakeup calls from real Japanese schoolgirls

Everyone has their morning routine. For some, it’s a cup of strong coffee. For others, a morning workout. And apparently for still others, a… 342 more words


This high school girl is incredibly popular online, but can you guess what her secret is?【Photos】

We’ve seen a lot of Japanese high school girls who have become popular online for various reasons, from being funny to being silly to be pretty.  398 more words


10 stories of Japanese high school girls and their puzzling, laughable behaviors

High school girls. In all seriousness, are they aliens??

Japanese Twitter users delight in sharing the perplexing, nonsensical, contradictory, or downright outrageous behaviors that they observe high school girls engaging in around the country. 945 more words


Swedish Teens Were Denied A Menstruation-Themed Photo In Their High School Yearbook

Här sitter vi redo för skolfoto men fotografen vägrar ta bilden och lärare skickar hit rektorn. Ping @glasklart pic.twitter.com/YeLdMCMGBe

— ♀ida♀ (@idapttersson) September 21, 2015…

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17-year-old professional shogi player Beni Taketama has netizens' hearts locked in checkmate

For some reason it seems that net users in Japan are fascinated by the sight of beautiful women doing perfectly normal things. Whether it’s creating art… 587 more words


Faith in Humanity Restored Through Writing

This post isn’t so much about writing as it volunteering — volunteering in a writing environment.

It’s hard to get away from negativity, from the media’s preference for sensationalized news stories about police brutality, mass shootings, and dentists killing lions for fun. 918 more words


The JK business: New documentary examines the Japanese schoolgirl industry

From traditional culture to the latest in “Cool Japan,” Japan has a lot to boast about. Yet there’s another side to the island nation which has stirred up international contention over the past few decades. 1,746 more words