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Production night push at NBTB

By Chloe Muller

NBTB Camp Blogger

Students spent the majority of their week from Sunday, June 28 to Sunday, July 5, accumulating interviews, photos, videos and other media. 143 more words

Year 1 Field Trip day "jam-packed" with sights

By Chloe Muller

NBTB Camp Blogger

It couldn’t come soon enough: On Thursday, Year One students finally set out on their highly anticipated trip into San Francisco. 239 more words

WKU Xposure ghost tour scares the bee-jeebers out of students

Who can forget the famous line in Ghost Busters, “I ain’t ‘fraid of no ghost!” But some of the workshoppers are. Gotta see what happens during a late night ghost tour on WKU’s campus.

What does a Hub site do for your school?

Your school is making news and reaching goals every day.  Why not share this good news with your school community?

What’s in it for your school: 326 more words


Starting your journalism story with Newsroom by the Bay

We’re in the midst of application season and meeting lots of new students. But this is also a time when we often hear from students who came to NBTB and are now seeing the benefits of studying journalism with us at Stanford. 296 more words

Newsroom By The Bay

Harrisonburg, This One's for You

Happy New Year folks! Let me save some time and go ahead and say this blog post is not going to be a list of my personal 2015 resolutions. 695 more words

Anushay's Point Presents At Washington Journalism Convention

This past weekend, I experienced one of the coolest full-circle moments when I spoke at the National High School Journalism Convention, “We The Media,” in Washington. 192 more words

Women's Rights Are Human Rights