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High School Stereotypes

High School Stereotypes

Okay, so this is kind of a big one. You know those absurd Disney Channel movies with the three popular girls who rule the school and make the unpopular kids clean up their messes until prom, and the unpopular kids make the popular kids regret everything they did and then they will all want to become friends? 1,466 more words


Bad Kids Go To Hell (2012)

Production Value: 5/5

Entertainment Value: 5/5

Gore Level: 4/5

Scare Level: 3/5

Overall: 4.25

There is a certain undying admiration for the John Hughes movie, The Breakfast Club. 347 more words

4 - 4.9

The Cliched Female: Incident 4, or, Stereotypes and Contradictions

A high school flashback edition
Incident 4, or, Stereotypes and Contradicitons

It was 11th grade, which meant the novelty of high school had long worn off and I hated myself more days than not. 1,135 more words


Bad Kids Go to Hell (2012)

Production Value:  5/5

Entertainment Value:  5/5

Gore Level:  4/5

Scare Level:  3/5

Overall:  4.25

There is a certain undying admiration for the John Hughes movie, The Breakfast Club.  348 more words

4 - 4.9

High School Stereotypes Day!

Today was my school’s March Madness High School Stereotypes Day. I am against stereotypes, but I do love dress-up, and it was fun to wear a crazy outfit. 226 more words

Island Of Misfit Toys (Uncategorized)

Acne, Parties and Fucking School

Ever taken a class and just wondered, “What the fuck am I doing here?”

Whether it’s just not your day and everything is going wrong, or you truly feel you don’t belong in the class, or simply put that you cannot understand what your teacher is ever talking about. 569 more words

Tobi Thompson

Observations from a High School Health Fair

I hadn’t stepped foot inside a high school since the day I graduated. Although I promised certain teachers and advisors I would visit, I secretly knew there was no way I’d ever go back unless I was forced to—you know, like if my cousin’s basketball team was competing in the championship game…or if a friend of the family had the lead role in the school play. 697 more words