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16-Year-Old High School Student Dies In School Brawl [VIDEO]

This is so sad! I have been to many Houston area high schools, so this story hits close to home. We have got to stop this senseless violence!!! 50 more words

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"I'm only half way there"

Hey there! Just a small good feeling post.

This flu is really stuck on me… Ugh. I hate it. Lost my voice almost completely. And I’m going in a concert tomorrow, which I’ve been looking forward since last November. 470 more words


Effective Notetaking

  Taking notes in college is an imperative skill to being successful. Notes are helpful for exam preparation in the current course you are in, and helps in learning how to be overall organized. 336 more words

20 get to know me questions

I think this one would be a good way to start. So, here we go. (Pst, if you have any other things you want to know, type type type it down bellow;) ) 326 more words


Welcome to the show

I know I have my flaws
I pay the price but I’m grateful
You’re letting me be myself
The good and the bad

~ Welcome to the Show by Adam Lambert…

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Woman Teacher Charged for Student Relations; Server Melts Down from Men Googling Her Photo

It has become a major crisis in the Google server warehouse at the Google headquarters. Every time a woman has inappropriate relations with one of her high school students, the internet gets log jammed and servers melt down from people, mostly men, trying to google search her photo. 224 more words