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Choosing a college: What is best for you?

Throughout my collegiate career, I have been asked why did I choose Cleary University; without hesitation, I reply with the following reasons:

Class sizes: At Cleary University, the class sizes are small enough that the instructors are able to learn about each individual and assist them when they are struggling. 458 more words


How to manage (school) stress?

Two and Half weeks. That’s all I have left of school this spring. Which also means that the final reviewing and exams are still coming and there is a lot of them. 304 more words


Little planning

My sister is going on a vacation for a week and she asked me to come to “babysit” her cat during that time. She is couple of years older than I am and lives downtown. 347 more words


16-Year-Old High School Student Dies In School Brawl [VIDEO]

This is so sad! I have been to many Houston area high schools, so this story hits close to home. We have got to stop this senseless violence!!! 50 more words

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"I'm only half way there"

Hey there! Just a small good feeling post.

This flu is really stuck on me… Ugh. I hate it. Lost my voice almost completely. And I’m going in a concert tomorrow, which I’ve been looking forward since last November. 470 more words


Effective Notetaking

  Taking notes in college is an imperative skill to being successful. Notes are helpful for exam preparation in the current course you are in, and helps in learning how to be overall organized. 336 more words

20 get to know me questions

I think this one would be a good way to start. So, here we go. (Pst, if you have any other things you want to know, type type type it down bellow;) ) 326 more words