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Keiichiro Minase

Plot Summary: The MC finds herself in the care of Keiichiro and is scared at first, but soon she begins to see Keiichiro’s serious manner and kindness beyond his intimidating appearance. 495 more words


Travis Fischer vocalizes his political views

by Anna Waldron

An upcoming senior, Travis Fischer delves into how his life is influenced by politics.

Fischer attends Pinkerton Academy in Derry New Hampshire as a seventeen year old. 200 more words

Mitsuru Sanada

Plot Summary: After being used to help him reject another girl, Mitsuru suggests that the MC go out with him to serve as his “girl repellent”. 931 more words

High School Student

Nao Fujimori

Plot Summary: After a long opening ceremony one of Nao’s friends tells the MC that Nao will be waiting for her behind the gym during lunch. 724 more words


Rihito Hatsune

Plot Summary: The MC is surprise to learn that Rihito, who she always thought was a girl, is actually a boy, and that’s not all that has changed about him. 1,107 more words