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High school student dies of cancer, so her class signed her coffin like a yearbook

A high school student who died last month was reportedly given a touching tribute by her kindred classmates, who wanted to say goodbye one last time. 110 more words


My Epic Epiphany

I am merely a schedule. A never ending cycle of: wake up, go to school, play soccer, do homework until 1, and go to bed. That is my life. 170 more words

High School Student

Senioritis: What it Really Means

That one word that makes all the seniors cheer and the teachers cringe: SENIORITIS. I’ve probably been using this excuse to avoid homework and dismiss detention since freshman year, but it wasn’t until a few weeks ago that I began to really understand what it meant to have senioritis. 642 more words

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High School: Day One

Now I know what you’re thinking: “How can we trust you to post on schedule if you can’t even get your first one out on time?” But hey, it was Thanksgiving and I had a lot of friend and family drama going on. 646 more words

High School

Sota Yamamoto

Plot Summary: One morning the MC receives a confession at the train station on the way to school. The one confessing to her is a scary looking student from an all-boys high school. 758 more words


Yuya Abe

Plot Summary: The popular senior Yuya seems to be making contact with the MC frequently lately, and eventually he calls her up to the roof and asks if she would like to hang out on the weekend. 923 more words


Student Series

As the halfway point in my senior year approaches, I come to realize more and more that there are probably many aspects of student life that we take for granted or forget about. 115 more words

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