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Reflections on classes

I attended a four-week lecture series sponsored by our local hospital on the primary body systems. It was very interesting. Medical topics are intriguing. I could have been successful in that field if I didn’t have to touch people or come in contact with someone else’s body fluids. 488 more words



I came across this book while browsing the adult fiction section of Barnes & Noble in Salisbury, Maryland. By impulse, I took it off the shelf. 232 more words


Is a Debt-Free Degree Possible?

Guest Columnist —  Dr. Jerry Weber, President of the College of Lake County
Published April 19, 2016 – Daily Herald

Back in the 1960s and ‘70s when I and others attended college, paying for a public university education was possible by modest family contributions and the savings from summer employment. 720 more words

High School Students


As a former English teacher, there are some words I just love—like “resilience.” I love its meaning and what it stands for, and it’s very easy for me to conjure a mental picture of resilience. 278 more words

High School Students


This past weekend, I was Indian for a day. I #cultured myself… well at least I #cultried. I attended a dance festival put on by the Indo-American Association of Iowa, a showcase for the local community. 667 more words


De-stress and Take Finals... At the Same Time!

If you’re a student, you know that the coming of spring is both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, the sun is coming out of hiding (if only a little bit at a time), the temperature is higher, and the days are longer; it becomes more and more difficult to focus on schoolwork when the spring air is calling you outside. 1,667 more words

For Students

When is the right time to start preparing for competitive exams like IIT – JEE?

IIT’s are the dream destination for every engineer. The name itself brings pride and respect among the outsiders. Students studying for IIT – JEE study day and night to make it to the best institutions. 552 more words