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No, I don't always have their backs

My oldest two are at a stage they’re really figuring out who they are, what they are, how they want to go about life. It’s an interesting, frustrating, gut-wrenching, beautiful time. 651 more words


"None of my business, but interesting questions": Notes from my recent pocket pages


Modeling the consciousness of other drivers: If a car is tailgating me, I think how its driver is probably frustrated with me, and I think of those drivers thinking of me as they tailgate, pass, and speed ahead. 1,385 more words


You don't know her

I was downloading performance pictures from Nutcracker this week, and, like any good dance mom, posting them to my social media. It hit me that most of the Princess’ friends have never seen her dance. 224 more words


Christel Wekon-Kemeni, (3/8) M.D.

Winter Break is Here!!!

And you already know what that means…

I’m three semesters deep into my MD program!!!

After next semester, I’ll be halfway done with medical school! 845 more words

Black Man M.D.

Field Trips Are for High Schoolers Too

// Field trip pics //

Dear School Administrators:

I am here to inform you that field trips are an extremely beneficial use of time for students of all ages——including seniors in high school. 293 more words

Field Trips

18 Things I Wish My Mom Would Have Taught Me Before I Started High School

1. Your best friend is not always going to be there for you. You’ll have a falling out, it’s normal.

2. Don’t make life decisions based on temporary people. 315 more words

Wednesday Rant, or, Why aren't we allowed?

Goodness knows I love my three babies, and am inherently aware the gift each of them is. Trust me…after two years of fertility testing and treatments, a miscarriage our first pregnancy, and then Big Man’s 3.5 month early arrival, they are each treasured. 571 more words