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These students are taking their time, staying around a sport stadium after school. They can also be truants cutting class. For sure they are friends rambling on a nice afternoon.

Photo by I.R. Arenas


FYI High School Grads: The Time Of Your Life Isn’t Ending, It’s Just Beginning

I attended my younger sister’s high school graduation a few weeks ago, and though it was very beautiful, there was one thing that really stuck out to me—the music selection—songs with lyrics of… 529 more words

And how long will that be?

When Sunshine graduated in 2013, they had all the parents stand up and be recognized for their contribution to the graduating class.  It was a proud moment because we looked around and we were all parents to these amazing kids who were going into the world to contribute to society, or we all hoped. 783 more words

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My Graduation Day- And a message for high schoolers

I imagined that at 22 I’d be graduating from some fancy university, with a 4 year degree in…something cool. I’d be standing alongside best friends, and possibly even a boyfriend. 600 more words


How Virtual Learning Can Help High School Students

Traditional learning methods are quickly losing out to cutting-edge platforms that are delivering better learning environments. Virtual learning is steadily replacing the way we impart education to our children. 583 more words

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Half of Jewish high schoolers say Arabs shouldn’t vote – poll

new poll published Wednesday found nearly half of Jewish Israeli high school students saying they believe Arabs should not have the right to vote.

The poll, conducted by New Wave Research for the Israel Hayom daily, asked Jewish Israeli high school students in grades 11-12 a variety of questions intended to probe their opinions on current affairs and political identity, among other issues. 487 more words

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