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Summer Drama

As I am already in the second week of school and barely made the first, summer is all I want right now. But thinking back, my memories of this summer also included many many dramas, big or small. 356 more words


They're Growing Up!!

It’s easier to talk about the cats growing up than admitting that my kids are growing up.

I’m having an emotional week or two observing my life changing in front of me and I know it’s all normal and great and I’m still struggling. 190 more words

PORTLAND to PINE RIDGE: Day 4 // Priming, rain, & Lakota Hope

We got our primer today, which means a couple things: the walls are starting to look like something I’d be okay with in my own house now that the patches of mud are disappearing, and paint is suspiciously appearing on our clothes (we can thank Brett exclusively for the latter, though he’s been a big help with the former as well). 1,950 more words

PORTLAND to PINE RIDGE: Day 3 // Leonard, Daisy, & Shay

Leonard owns the house that we’re working in, and he’s probably a mid-forties or fifties Lakota man. He wears his long hair back in a low pony tail that curls into a perfect corkscrew at the ends. 1,277 more words

PORTLAND to PINE RIDGE: A deep breath before jumping in // ANTICIPATION

Somehow, I always manage to salvage a quiet introverted moment before I throw myself into a big trip. Subconsciously, I think I know that I’ll need the extra time alone to charge up for the thing coming. 735 more words

Movie Marathon Monday

Looking for an activity for middle and high schoolers?  Drop by Bowman Library for a free marathon showing of Annie this coming Monday, July 6th, from 5 p. 82 more words

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