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Warrior Chef 1: Round 4

Lucas: @After winning the last challenge, I’m feeling really awesome. @We’re down to eight, and I want to just keep winning everything!

Karen: @I got immunity in the last round, and I feel like it really helped. 3,145 more words


Warrior Chef 1: Preliminary 2

Preliminary 2

Jimmy Taylor: Spiky blonde haired boy from Maui, Hawaii. Loves to surf and is currently a junior varsity water-polo player. Loves to cook with Hawaiian flavors, but can prepare most American classics. 3,308 more words

Story Series

Warrior Chef 1: Preliminary Round 1

Preliminary 1

Cory Giardino: Small Italian-American brunette, living in San Diego, California. Loves to cook Italian food, but is open to using Mexican flavors, something else he’s been raised on. 2,955 more words

Story Series

Weight Loss Tips For Teenagers & High School Students

Weight Loss Tips For Teenagers & High School Students

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High School: The Best Four Years of Your Life

Right?  Okay, maybe not.

There are so many different types of high schoolers that you could be, and each one has their own high school experience. 923 more words

High School

No, I don't always have their backs

My oldest two are at a stage they’re really figuring out who they are, what they are, how they want to go about life. It’s an interesting, frustrating, gut-wrenching, beautiful time. 651 more words


"None of my business, but interesting questions": Notes from my recent pocket pages


Modeling the consciousness of other drivers: If a car is tailgating me, I think how its driver is probably frustrated with me, and I think of those drivers thinking of me as they tailgate, pass, and speed ahead. 1,304 more words