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Dear Fellow High Schoolers,

Lately it seems that everyone around me has been extremely wound up as college applications near their due date and finals roll around. Even more wound up than usual. 648 more words


Soccer Team Group Photo?!

With my 50 mm lens on a crop sensor, and many photographers in front of me, this is the shot I got. Probably more interesting, anyway! :-) 


Anthem Protests Extend To HS Game – Look At Their ‘Reasons’ To Whiz On Our Flag

Published by ClashDaily.com | on October 16, 2017

URL of the original posting site: https://clashdaily.com/2017/10/anthem-protests-extend-hs-game-look-reasons-whiz-flag/?

The NFL players that are protesting the flag and the anthem have set such a WONDERFUL example for our children, don’t you think? 497 more words


Warrior Chef Redemption: Round 6

Tadashi: @I feel good about winning the last elimination challenge, but going into this round, I don’t know what to expect. @Phung was on the bottom of the last challenge because she didn’t bother cooking. 2,688 more words


My Not-So Little Boy Started High School

Sure, this is a few days late, but the beginning of the school year is always a busy time of year especially when you are simultaneously prepping for a birthday party. 452 more words


Warrior Chef 1: Round 4

Lucas: @After winning the last challenge, I’m feeling really awesome. @We’re down to eight, and I want to just keep winning everything!

Karen: @I got immunity in the last round, and I feel like it really helped. 3,145 more words


Warrior Chef 1: Preliminary 2

Preliminary 2

Jimmy Taylor: Spiky blonde haired boy from Maui, Hawaii. Loves to surf and is currently a junior varsity water-polo player. Loves to cook with Hawaiian flavors, but can prepare most American classics. 3,308 more words

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