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Zilyana Irithyl Part 2

Zilyana felt pressure on her face and realized she was laying face down on the table in her cabin.  Whatever poison the treacherous Forcythe had used hadn’t finished her off, but it was making her limbs feel as though they were made of dead eels.  2,064 more words


Canada Has a Role to Play in Championing a New Agreement to Protect 50% of the Planet

by Susanna Fuller.

The cliché “out of sight, out of mind” could not be applicable to any place on earth more than the high seas. This vast area of our ocean, making up 50% of our blue planet, is 200 miles beyond the coastline of every country, and only those who work in fisheries, the merchant marine or who have the pleasure of sailing for long periods of time can count themselves among the few who have experienced what it is like to see ocean, and only ocean, for days at a time. 1,145 more words

US Challenges Russia on High Seas: Brazen Violation of INCSEA Agreement

From Strategic Culture Foundation


Brexit and its ramifications, Europe’s migrants’ problem, the creation of global free trade zone agreements, terrorism and the fight against the Islamic State group hit headlines to distract attention from the problem of arms and military activities’ control moving to the brink of collapse. 953 more words

World At WAR

High Seas

Hi everyone, I haven’t posted in a while because I’ve been very busy with gigs and life and am not at home much, but I couldn’t let the month of May pass without adding something to my book of charts.  25 more words

Cinnamon and Gunpowder by Eli Brown | Book Review

3.75 Deliciously Piratical Stars

Pirates, explosions and Gourmet? Oh my!

The basic premise that a chef taken captive on a pirate ship forced to cook one gourmet meal a week for the dastardly lady pirate, is a wonderful hook. 196 more words

Book Review

Smart Raft

Up to now this was just hobby, now I’m going to try and get some editorial commissions. The idea for this drawing came about travelling by public transport and watching all these people staring at their smartphones. 15 more words

Dick Holzhaus