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High Sierra frame pack on deep sale

I was wandering through Amazon and I noticed they have a High Sierra frame pack on crazy sale. It’s usually $280 and it’s only $99! Abby has a High Sierra daypack and she loves it. 31 more words


Humphrey Bogart: The man, the legend and the falcon.

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I have enjoyed watching classic movies from the golden age of Hollywood for a long time now, often at a local theatre not too far down the road from me. 3,187 more words


Lone Pine

You never know what you can find and see until you go and look. I used to do a lot of driving across the country, and I made a point of getting off the Interstate system as often as I reasonably could to do just that – see what I could see. 690 more words


kerouac's "matterhorn"

It came as a surprise while reading The Dharma Bums that Jack and Gary Snyder (Japhy) passed through my home town on the mountain climbing trip Jack relates in the book. 35 more words

2014 Adventure Recap

From Big Sur to the High Sierra, 2014 was another tremendous year of adventures. As I did in 2013 and past years (links to past year’s recaps located on right sidebar of homepage), this post lists all of the adventures for 2014 in chronological order with a link to the blog post, where available, or photo album. 653 more words

Trail Running

A Wild 2014

This year was a serious year of wilderness exploration and adventure for me. I’ve hiked more this year than in the entire rest of my life, logging more than 400 miles, in some of the most pristine and beautiful wilderness areas on Earth. 512 more words


Best Hikes of 2014: #4

This challenging hikes leads to one of the most stunning panoramic views of Yosemite Valley and the surrounding domes and peaks of the High Sierra. The strategically designed trail leaves the most breathtaking moment for the final stretch as you carefully walk on a narrow fin to the summit where you are completely awestruck by the sheer granite cliffs and domes far below you and the seemingly endless expanse of pristine wilderness in every direction. 814 more words