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Fixing Bluetooth Issues with Mac OS High Sierra

I had been living with an annoying condition with my Bose Sport Bluetooth Ear Buds.  Flawless connectivity on my iPhone, but spotty connectivity on my MacBook with Mac OS High Sierra.   137 more words


Apple has also pushed an update to MRT (updated)

Following yesterday’s pushed update to XProtect, Apple has overnight pushed an update to its malware removal tool MRT, bringing it to version
1.30. Apple doesn’t release any information about such updates, which presumably extends the range of malware which the tool can remove. 169 more words


Apple has just pushed an update to XProtect's security data

Apple has just pushed an update to the configuration data for its XProtect tool, which detects malware on macOS systems. This brings the version number to 2099, and adds protection against new malware named cryptically as OSX.28a9883. 114 more words


What can you do inside your Time Machine backups?

Given that Time Machine backups are constructed from very large numbers of real files and folders, and hard linked files and folders, they are complex structures to work with. 826 more words


Aliases, links, clones, and Bookmarks

If there’s one topic on which there is widespread misunderstanding, it’s the different ways that macOS has of providing links to files – in Finder aliases, symbolic and hard links, APFS clones, and macOS Bookmarks. 1,899 more words


Last Week on My Mac: Enduring file references in macOS

I don’t move folders around too often, or rename them, but it worries me that when I do, some apps (and some users!) won’t remember where they’ve gone. 1,026 more words


Cycling in Print :: Schwinn All Terrain Bicycles, 1985

On the heels of a Schwinn High Sierra refresh, an unearthed catalog highlights Schwinn’s finest All Terrain Bicycles for 1985, “providing vehicles to take you where a four-wheel drive can’t.” 422 more words