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High Society Review

Have you ever wanted to be part of one of those auctions where you can bid ridiculous amounts of money on something, like you’re some kind James Bond villain wearing a lavish and over the top outfit adorned with diamonds as buttons just because you can? 663 more words

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The Knizian Society

Want to know the best thing about all these Reiner Knizia reprints? It’s that somebody else is doing the hard work of curating the good doctor’s 500+ games. 823 more words

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MEDICINE WHEEL: Psychedelics Shown to Heal Damaged Brain Cells from Depression

Source – wakingtimes.com

“…People have long assumed that psychedelics are capable of altering neuronal structure, but this is the first study that clearly and unambiguously supports that hypothesis” 565 more words

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Greenwood Stakes @ Woodbine Racetrack (Sat. May 26)

by Kimberly Samnang

Toronto’s new fashion-forward event kicked off the summer at the Woodbine racetrack on Saturday, May 26.

The Kentucky Derby meets The Great Gatsby with the… 123 more words

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HIGH SOCIETY: How Mushrooms Can Save the World - By Kenneth Miller

Source – discovermagazine.com

“…Crusading mycologist Paul Stamets says mushrooms are potential miracle workers, capable of cleaning up oil spills and radioactive contamination, filtering bacteria-tainted wastewater, speeding reforestation of clear-cut woodlands, boosting agricultural yields, controlling insect pests and treating ailments ranging from cancer and bird flu to diabetes and dementia” 4,928 more words

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High Society @ Marina Bay Sands

We were already in the queue to enter artbox (yes, there was bloody damn long line just to enter the venue space – ikr, #facepalm ) and it was super ridiculous, so we left the queue. 427 more words