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The mysterious selfie queen of Paris high society

When she first visited the photography studio of Mayer & Pierson in 1856, Virginia Oldoini had already become notorious in Paris society. Married at 17 to Italian Count Francesco Verasis di Castiglione, she had been dispatched to Paris to convince Napoleon III to support Italian unification — instead, she promptly became his mistress. 20 more words

19th Century

HIGH SOCIETY: The Return Of Hemp, America’s ‘Billion-Dollar Crop’ - By Mnar Muhawesh

Source – mintpressnews.com

“…The U.S. is one of the few industrialized nations to ban hemp cultivation. So, even though hemp can clothe, house and nourish us, even though we can use it to make vehicles that won’t choke landfills with rusting metal, even though it can help to clean polluted soil for future crop growth — Americans are often unable to maximize their use of the centuries-old plant”: 495 more words


October 21st - Battle of Trafalgar - "High Society"

In 1805, Britain won the #BattleOfTrafalgar.  #Nelson was instrumental in that victory; Nelson has a column in #TrafalgarSquare and #NelsonRiddle arranged the music for #HighSociety.  What a link!.  263 more words

Feel Good

Book Review: A Woman of No Importance by Oscar Wilde

There are a great many things to hate about high society and I’m not just saying that as a plebeian proletariat. From decadence to the disconnect they seem to feel with the rest of humanity, there is no shortage of things that leave one just sort of tilting one’s head and wondering just what the hell is going on. 234 more words


Dr Thorne by Anthony Trollope

What a delicious book, reading Dr Thorne is like sinking into a warm bath. The narrative style is so comforting- it’s like being told a story by your hilariously witty and occasionally catty uncle. 189 more words


HIGH SOCIETY: No Medical Value? US Govt has been Funding this Israeli Cannabis Researcher for 50 Years

Source – thelastamericanvagabond.com

 – “…For thousands of years humans knew that cannabis was medicine. “Marijuana was an integral part of American medicine for more than 100 years, from the 1830s through the 1940s, and it was used safely and effectively for all of that time,” says Dr. 1,122 more words

Medicine Wheel


What is so divine about them? She didn’t know how to pinpoint it exactly.

Oh it was everything. Everything!

The effortless way their hair cascaded down past their shoulders. 267 more words