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Lemon Jack Leaves a Lasting Impression.

I personally love Sativa strains of cannabis they don’t make me tired, I am able to function throughout the day and they give me that real cerebral, creative, heady and sometimes weird type of high that I love. 377 more words

High Society

The Infinite Jukebox: Iggy Pop and Deborah Harry's 'Well, Did You Evah?'

Sometimes, as they grow older, rockers choose to opt for respectability. They cut back on the guitars and call up the strings, they mute their holler into something approximating a croon, and they record albums of ‘standards’. 420 more words

Soundtrack Of A Lifetime

The Reluctant Duke by Christine Donovan

3/5         18+       Collection

I’m not sure that I would take the content so well if the book were set in our current era. It screams dominance and power , for those of us who are blessed enough to be born with a Penis. 310 more words


Silicon Valley Meets The Emerald Triangle.

Silicon Valley has always been the hot bed of technological innovation in the United States, ever since the first desk tops were coming out. Some of the most advanced technological innovations were developed right here in the Bay Area. 405 more words

Proposition 64

If We Build it They Will Come.

Both Washington and Colorado have seen a huge explosion in marijuana tourism since they both started selling recreational cannabis.  Colorado has the Rocky Mountains, some of the best skiing in the world and breath taking views. 284 more words

Proposition 64


If you have cable and you are not watching the Viceland network you should stop wasting your time with whatever you’re watching and change the channel immediately.  437 more words

High Society