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High-Speed Rail Decision Draws Mixed Reviews

California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s decision to scale back his state’s high-speed rail project triggered no shortage of views, including a tweet from President Trump calling on the state to return $3.5 billion it received for the project. 243 more words

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New NSW regional train fleet – a solid choice or missed opportunity?

In signing a $1.26 billion contract with the Momentum Trains consortium for a new regional train fleet to be operated by NSW TrainLink the NSW Government seems to have learnt a few things from its chastening experience in… 1,685 more words


Cailfornia High Speed Train, don’t cut the length, kill the whole project

While reports declared that Gavin Newsom the current governor of California declared he had cancelled it they were wrong, he merely altered the destination reducing the cost of the project. 384 more words


Trump Wants Cali To Give Back The $3.5B It WASTED For Its FLOPPED High Speed Rail

Written by K. Walker on February 14, 2019

URL of the original posting site: https://clashdaily.com/2019/02/trump-wants-cali-to-give-back-the-3-5b-it-took-and-didnt-use-for-its-flopped-high-speed-rail/

The Governor of California wants to not build the massive high-speed rail as it was proposed, and keep the money the feds gave towards the project. 836 more words


EPIC! President Trump Demands California Return $3.5 Billion to US Govt. for Bullet Train They Just Cancelled

Ed.  A dozen years ago, the people of California approved a Ballot Initiative to build the Bullet Train. Today, California’s high speed rail project is $Billions in the red with no end in sight. 225 more words

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California is where liberal dreams go to die

In his 1939 novel on American disillusionment, “The Day of the Locust,” Nathanael West chronicled people who flocked to Hollywood with high hopes, only to face a reality that they “had come to California to die.” These days, California is where liberal dreams go to die. 860 more words