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The advantages of going loopy

One of the attractions of Elon Musk’s hyperloop is that it is “significantly less expensive than conventional rail infrastructure”, according to former Conservative transport minister Steven Norris. 49 more words


Blue skies in Beijing and the power of deciding.

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One of the most interesting things about my recent trip to Beijing was the sky – totally blue skies! Unbelievable! In the past, every trip to Beijing meant me getting sick from the pollution. 166 more words

Travel China

Fix the Rails to Make Travel Great Again

About 10 days ago, I found on Facebook a photograph taken in 1953 that perfectly captured what travel and big cities were like in those days. 845 more words

Wynne announces $11B for London-Toronto high speed rail line

Premier Kathleen Wynne says a high speed rail line is on track to carry passengers between London and Toronto by 2025 with the help of an $11 billion investment from the province. 520 more words


In the heart of the Heart of Asia

Largest Lake in Taiwan

Sun Moon Lake is the largest natural body of water in Taiwan. The east side of the lake resembles a sun while the west side resembles a moon, hence the name. 914 more words


The Curious Case of Missing Train Track in Laos

In observing a country or culture, it is as much about looking for things that are there as well as observing the absence of object or phenomenon. 1,081 more words

Singapore To London By Train