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E-book IAA 2017 ADCar editions | Blog | 2025AD - The Automated Driving Community

At IAA 2017, visitors shared their vision of the future and what automated driving should look like for themselves. Discover the exciting, unusual and futuristic results in our E-Book.

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High Technology Cars

Finnish autonomous car goes for a leisurely cruise in the driving snow | TechCrunch

Recently Martti accomplished what the researchers claim is a world first: driving fully autonomously on a real snow-covered road (and hitting 25 MPH, at that). Others from Yandex to Waymo have tested cars in snow, but from their reports these seem to have been more controlled conditions.

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High Technology Cars

Volvo pushes self-driving Drive Me program back by four years - Autoblog

Volvo is pumping the brakes on its Drive Me autonomous vehicle program, delaying by four years plans to deploy a fleet of 100 self-driving cars in Sweden and acknowledging its technology isn’t ready.

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High Technology Cars

Meet Alauda, the company that wants to build flying cars and race them

An Australian startup called Alauda has an ambition to fast-track that reality with its electric, low-altitude aircraft, the Airspeeder Mark I.

Alauda is founded by Matt Pearson, who also cofounded space startup Fleet.

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Can self-driving cars beep?

Case in point: The City of Las Vegas and AAA’s self-driving shuttle, one of the most advanced public autonomous trials in the U.S., was hit by a semi-truck within hours of its maiden trip last month.

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High Technology Cars

Uber will buy a fleet of 24,000 self-driving vehicles from Volvo

The company announced a partnership with Volvo where it would buy “tens of thousands” of self-driving vehicles from the Swedish automaker, deploying them from 2019-2020. The exact terms of the deal weren’t initially disclosed, but an Uber spokesperson confirmed to Mashable via email that the fleet size will be around 24,000 vehicles.

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A Human Driver Crashed Into Las Vegas's Driverless Shuttle In Its First Hour Of Service

the shuttle, made by the French company Navya ARMA, began a route looping it around Vegas’s downtown. Within an hour, the shuttle was already involved in a crash.

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