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Flame Throwing Drone is Actually Useful

A team in Xiangyang, China is using a flame-throwing drone to clear debris from high voltage power lines. These lines are made of metal of course, and are impervious to the high heat of the flames. 75 more words

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The State Of LGBTQ+ Horror

As a gay male who loves watching horror movies, there is one thing that keeps occurring to me. I’ve noticed that there aren’t many horror movies centering around… 933 more words

Energy Update ~ Feelings and Tensions Riding High ~ Sept. 16, 2017

By Selacia, 09/15/2017

Feelings and tensions are riding high in these moments ahead of Equinox. The emotional content of conversations, on and offline, is escalating as people from all walks of life attempt to cope with our changing and increasingly unpredictable world. 1,166 more words

Review: High Tension (Switchblade Romance)

Written by Grégory Levasseur and Alexandre Aja and directed by Aja, “High Tension” (also known in several formats as “Switchblade Romance”), is a French Horror/Slasher film that was suggested to me by a fellow film obsessive. 447 more words



The Rolling Stone Live Lodge is back in 2017 in its 5th year with a new home and a lineup filled to the brim with magnificent artist to bring you to the brink of euphoria. 169 more words


The 10 Best Horror Films of 2005

2005 was top heavy, to say the least. The films that proved to be exceptional, did so to such a degree that even the good movies felt mediocre. 1,061 more words

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10 Amazing Onscreen Decapitations

Characters – in horror and just about every other film genre in existence – have been lopping off heads for ages. While a lot of the decapitations we’ve seen over the years look dull, uninspired and offensively fake, every once in a while we get a really, really gruesome and awesome display. 424 more words

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