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Top 10 of 2015: 10

As 2015 winds down, many photographers are posting their “best of” or “Top 10” images of the year and I’ve also done so in the past.   946 more words


High Uintas Wilderness - Day 7 - Final Day

The Hike Out….

Our last morning began with the usual queuing for the cat-hole trowel. I was first (as was getting to be normal) and afterwards I grabbed my fly rod and headed down to the pond for one last native trout fishing experience. 2,236 more words

High Uintas

High Uintas Wilderness - Day 6 - Fishing with Andy

To the beaver ponds.

My initial focus this morning was what I could see. Facing south because I like to sleep on my right side, my view was open as that was the direction I had set my Tyvek shelter the previous night. 1,898 more words

High Uintas

High Uintas Wilderness - Day 5 - And it was only 4 miles

Bluebell Pass

The day would prove to be a lot more challenging than the 4-ish miles we calculated we had to travel. On paper it seemed like it might be an easy day. 1,949 more words

High Uintas

High Uintas Wilderness - Day 4 - Unexpected Pleasures

The Hike to Milk Lake

Day 4 is upon us. We will be moving camp from our current elevation, back down the Yellowstone, and then up the Bluebell Pass trail to Milk Lake. 2,602 more words

High Uintas

High Uintas WIlderness - Day 3 - The roof of Utah

Third day out.

“Them mountains are mean!!”

I don’t really recall where that statement comes from. It might be from a weekend trip a long time back in West Virginia, but there is a certain wiseness to the statement. 1,385 more words

High Uintas

High Uintas Wilderness - Day 2 - Even after a change in plans, a change in plans

Second day on the trail.

I didn’t start taking pictures until we were really ready to leave, so it simply appears like someone took care of all the morning chores in camp and all we had to do was lift our packs and go. 3,447 more words

High Uintas