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High Elves is Best Elves - Blood Bowl

Evenin’ all.

I’ve not been doing enough Blood Bowl recently. I’ve been painting some models though, so it’s not all bad.

I’ve been playing with my dad over Cyanide’s Blood Bowl on PC. 326 more words


Absentminded Feasts

One of my T1D inspirations is a young lady 22 years my junior. I met her 4 (maybe 5?) years ago when she took my class as a junior in high school. 619 more words



In the first case, the dwarves are making a racket which is amusing to us readers and in the second case the crackling fire is dangerous. 7 more words


Once again, an echo from a scene of high adventure.

  • 09.026 and then a loud clink and clank,


These are adventurous, high sounds, both taking place when Bilbo is in great danger – in the Riddle Game and in the dungeons of the Elvenking of Mirkwood. 11 more words


Clearly this is a word that could be low and clumsy – in these two cases, the sound is ominous.  “High” and adventurous tag.

  • 09.004 closed behind them with a clang.
  • 12.100 and a clang.


In Chapter 4, goblins chuckle who have taken Thorin & Company prisoner.  In Chapter 12, it is Smaug who chuckles at Bilbo’s riddling titles for himself.   113 more words