Arsenal Top Seasons – 1932-33 our 9th Best

1932-33 turned out to be the final full season that our inspirational and creative manger Herbert Chapman would manage Arsenal; he passed away from pneumonia in January 1934. 568 more words


I’m not playing to my readership in South East London when I tell you it’s a grim journey back from East Croydon to Highbury. 641 more words

The North London Derby

Tony korir

The North London derby is the name given to the match between Arsenal and Tottenham hotspurs. The derby is one of the fiercest in English football ,although the two teams first played each other in 1887, the rivalry actually began in 1913 when Arsenal moved their stadium to Highbury in North London. 160 more words


Resto 56 Estorick Café, Highbury

I nearly forgot my visit to the Estorick (more of which in another post) as it was a bit of a pit stop but since they brought me the bill I should add it for completism’s sake. 136 more words


Referees in the Middle: Paul Durkin

Premier League Career: 1992-2004

First Premier League Match: Arsenal 2-1 Sheffield Wednesday (28 August 1992)

Final Premier League Match: Arsenal 2-1 Leicester City (15 May 2004) 468 more words


Video of the Day: Future of the Left - Arming Eritrea (Live at The Garage)

Back in December Future of the Left put on a storming show at The Garage in North London (check out our review here).  The whole show was filmed and is now available as a DVD and live album and we’ve got a little teaser for you here with a blistering version of ‘Arming Eritrea’. 98 more words

What happens when a team move into a new Stadium?

This weekend Tottenham will play their first game at their temporary home Wembley Stadium. For the commencement of the 2018/19 season, Spurs are expected to move into a brand new state of the art… 2,361 more words