NCTJ Student Council 2016

Today I went to Google headquarters in London for the ninth annual NCTJ Student Council. This is the NCTJ’s answer to consulting with their students (and some would say that students are the charity’s most important stakeholders). 771 more words

We're The Clock End...Highbury

The emotional connection you have, as a football fan, with those first memories are often hazed with rose coloured shades. However for me, it was more my connection to where I graduated to. 313 more words

The Arsenal

Love these pictures

I spend a heap of my time looking, and collecting images of The Arsenal. Using Pinterest, and Google Images to find different images that are Arsenal. 75 more words

The Arsenal

The soundtrack to the club

The Away Boyz

One part of being a fan of The Arsenal, and I guess any club for that matter, is the way you show your love for the club. 430 more words

The Arsenal

Playing in front of 4,554 people

Yeah I wanna be a stato !!! so here just for the geek in all of us, here is a quick stats post. Maybe one day in the future I will post a competition post, and this may just be a part of it. 128 more words

Black Axe Mangal

On Friday night, we went to Black Axe Mangal.  This is a funny place; it’s a bit smaller than my living room, doesn’t take bookings, specialises in offal and plays heavy metal quite loudly.   54 more words


Fig Tree

The other day, my husband and I went for lunch at a place called Fig Tree in Highbury.  It is a nice, little place, not fancy but the food was fresh and tasty. 26 more words