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Highcharts Tutorial: Set Custom Tooltip Date Format

I spent a good 4 hours trying to figure out how to get HighCharts to use a custom date in the tooltip without using the custom tooltip formatter. 64 more words

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Of Charts and Dashboards

(A Javascript tutorial for making a dashboard with data visualizations (charts!) using gridstack.js and Highcharts in five minutes flat. Easy. To jump straight to the code, check out the github link at the end of the post. 873 more words

Raspberry Pi online logging thermometer

My office never has a steady temperature; sometimes it is too hot, too cold, or just flip-flops all day long. To prove that I wasn’t crazy, I decided to try a DIY thermometer project with a Raspberry Pi that currently was not doing anything else. 1,505 more words


Hyetographs, hydrographs and highcharter

Dual y-axes: yes or no? What about if one of them is also reversed, i.e. values increase from the top of the chart to the bottom? 438 more words


Just Released! PHP Dashboard v4.0 (Collaborative Social Dashboards)

Check out my latest script – PHP Dashboard v4.0 – available NOW at codecanyon.net! Click here!


PHP Dashboard version 4.0 builds on top one of my other scripts… 980 more words


Author's Note: PHP Dashboard v4.0

“Dark data is defined as the inforamtion assets (terrabytes…even petabytes of data) organizations collect, process and store in the course of regular business activity, that accumulates but is never… 398 more words


Arbitrary 2D curves with Highcharts

Highcharts is a versatile JavaScript charting library for the web. The library supports all kinds of charts: scatter plots, line charts, area chart, bar charts, pie charts and more. 210 more words