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Highchart Best Practices:

A free JavaScript tool to produce appealing and professional looking 2D-3D charts. Highcharts is one of the easiest way to make online data analysis tool or to view the data in graphical way. 758 more words

Computer Science

Author's Note: PHP Daytrader's Candlestick Hunter


A question many including the largest software companies are still trying to figure out. IBM, for instance, resorts to using a talking box in its commercials to represent “Watson” its analytics offering. 412 more words


Just Released! PHP Uber-style Geotracker

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By popular request, I added support to send SMS text invites (email invites still included and still work). 839 more words


Author's Note: PHP Uber-style Geotracker

“WEB 3.0 IS HERE!!! Now that “everyone” (well…80% of adults in the U.S., for instance) has at least one smartphone, we find ourselves able to detect where anyone is at anytime and exchange data/information easily, instanteously and inexpensively, thru the standard GPS technologies built into these devices. 331 more words


Highcharts Tutorial: Set Custom Tooltip Date Format

I spent a good 4 hours trying to figure out how to get HighCharts to use a custom date in the tooltip without using the custom tooltip formatter. 64 more words

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Of Charts and Dashboards

(A Javascript tutorial for making a dashboard with data visualizations (charts!) using gridstack.js and Highcharts in five minutes flat. Easy. To jump straight to the code, check out the github link at the end of the post. 873 more words

Raspberry Pi online logging thermometer

My office never has a steady temperature; sometimes it is too hot, too cold, or just flip-flops all day long. To prove that I wasn’t crazy, I decided to try a DIY thermometer project with a Raspberry Pi that currently was not doing anything else. 1,505 more words