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We Teach Languages Episode 32: Reflective, Principled, Proficiency-Oriented Teaching with Walter Hopkins

In episode 32, Stacey shares an interview with Walter Hopkins, instructor and assistant director of the Michigan State University Spanish language program. Walter discusses his perspective on excellent language teaching, unpacks some of the issues faced by new language instructors, and explains how his language program has developed around proficiency goals. 85 more words

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best practices for teaching with emerging technologies

Michelle Pacansky-Brock had my attention from the first paragraph of the introduction, where – in response to comments like, “Students today are so unmotivated,” “Students today don’t care about anything but their grades,” and “Students today feel entitled and aren’t willing to work hard” – she asks, “Are our students the problem? 831 more words

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Forget About the University

When I was in 1st grade, I came home half-way through the year really upset. A friend of mine, a 2nd grader, told me during recess that he was required to spell the word “dolphin” on one of his spelling tests. 841 more words

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Another Disclosure Requirement for California Higher Education Institutions Signals an Accelerating State Role in Student Disclosure

All higher education institutions in California, with the sole exception of the California Community College system, will – beginning with the 2018-19 academic year – have to provide their students an annual summary of their total borrowing to pursue their education and an estimate of their future monthly payments. 631 more words

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Requiring Internships at College

Earlier this month, Gallup published a fascinating piece on why college should make internships a requirement. Noting that Gallup data shows that parents, students, and the public believe the top reason for higher education is to get a good job, reflecting on the fact that only about a quarter of students (27 percent) had a good job waiting for them after earning a bachelor’s degree, and determining that almost another 25 percent had to wait at least six months (6 percent waiting seven to 12 months and 16 percent waiting at least a year) before finding said good job, Gallup’s authors could come to only one conclusion. 961 more words

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CFP for MLA 2019: Digital Peer Review, Public Writing, and Scholarly Communication in Undergraduate Teaching

CFP for MLA 2019 in Chicago

Digital Peer Review, Public Writing, and Scholarly Communication in Undergraduate Teaching

This will be submitted as an “Innovative Proposal” special session.  387 more words


Don’t just archive your content, use it when you need it

Whether you are dealing with student records, registration forms, accounting files, financial aid or any other departmental processes, the most efficient way to use the information and get it to your main system is to scan the documents at the time they are created or received. 383 more words