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The HE IELTS Blame Game

This article is a real head-shaker: More than 400 students in India told to retake language tests after Niagara College flags concerns. As the subtitle to this article puts it, “an Ontario college has raised questions over the validity of the scores of a popular international standardized language test submitted by students applying from India after a probe found “inconsistencies” in language proficiency”. 817 more words


Higher Ed & Philanthropy - Recommended Steps

In my last blog post, I gave some background on philanthropy in the context of higher education, including the reasons for the increased focus on philanthropy in public colleges and universities, as well as the conflicts that arise when these two worlds collide. 799 more words


Better Governance: One Step at a Time

I think it’s probably safe to say that all of us from time to time wrangle with web governance. Whether it’s a function of organizational structure, budget constraints or just a matter of time in the day, it can be difficult to implement a consistent and strategic approach to governance. 444 more words


A Perspective on Success and Impact

Among the books I am presently reading is Scott Cowen’s Winnebagos on Wednesdays: How Visionary Leadership Can Transform Higher Education. Cowen served as Tulane University’s President from 1998-2014, a period that included the institution’s recovery from the devastation wrought by Hurricane Katrina. 662 more words

A third of 18 year olds now get 'unconditional offers' - what's the problem?

What should we make of the recent UCAS  release that a third of 18 year olds now receive unconditional offers for university places?

School and college representatives  are right to argue that this is a reflection of an  ‘out of control’ market based higher education system where universities  have to  chase students or face financial ruin, something made worse by the removal of ‘capping’.  271 more words

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Higher Ed & Philanthropy - Background

The mission of public institutions of higher education is to provide access to college-level education for all. Furthermore, research universities – most of which are public institutions – are also expected to generate and disseminate novel knowledge through research and scholarship of its faculty (and students). 589 more words


History 101

I know, I already have an about me section, but really that was more of an, about the blog, section. This post will hopefully show anyone reading why I’m considered a non traditional student. 805 more words