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Pedagogy Before Technology - Sometimes?

Excellent article by George Couros.  I often use the phrase “Pedagogy Before Technology” and am mindful of the ways technology can get in between the learner and what is being taught.   47 more words

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Director's Corner (NEMLA Blog Post #11)

Greetings from Chicago!  The long hot days of summer are here in the city.  Normally I’m an outdoors person, but the heat has kept me in the air conditioned confines of my apartment the past few weeks, reading through the giant stack of books gathered during the past academic year.   1,042 more words


Revolt or reform? Communicating within your university's brand.

A common question I often get from mid-career researchers wanting to start communicating their work is, ‘Should I build a website within my university’s branding and IT space, or go outside the system?’. 444 more words


A Crowd-sourced List of Google Cardboard Apps & Videos

From one of my favorite sites, a list of apps and videos for your Google Cardboard – fun!  It was crowdsourced at ISTE – the International Society for Technology in Education.   33 more words

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Michelle-Melania Plagiarism: Tempest in a Posh Teacup

This graduation season, Michelle Obama gave a commencement speech for the City University of New York. The country’s largest urban public university, CUNY is historically dedicated to bolstering opportunities for people of modest backgrounds. 147 more words


You won't haunt me anymore.

When I first began looking for jobs in November, I was afraid of leaving the picturesque town that had become home over the last six years. 617 more words

Learning Theories: Double-Loop Learning

One of my favorite adult learning theories, Double-Loop Learning, coined by Chris Argyris, is in an article on +TeachThought .  Always interesting that theories traditionally put in the “adult” silo are more and more often applicable to any stage of learning.   93 more words

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