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The no-wage economy

It seems fitting that as graduate students and contract faculty across Ontario (and even more across North America) walk out on strike, Heather Mallick publishes… 323 more words


WE are Westfield

In the past month, I’ve been catching up with news back on campus of my alma mater, Westfield State University. There has been some negative media coverage surrounding the 2013 investigation that led to the resignation of the university president, Dr. 455 more words


Rethinking Office Hours

Office hours were designed to offer a space and place for learners to meet with their faculty. The practice of holding a “office hours… 1,150 more words


Why I became a computer scientist instead of a doctor

When I dropped out of medical school in 2007, it happened in two stages: the first, administrative and fairly straightforward; the second, emotional and more complex. 1,412 more words

Three Strategies Guaranteed for More Successful Group Presentations

I like to have students occasionally work on tasks in small groups. In-class group work generally consists of my having students analyze primary or secondary sources or responding to one of my famously broad questions and then having each group present their collective thoughts to the class. 392 more words

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The University of Terrible

As an addendum to our post yesterday, we have learned more about vaccines in Canada.

A ‘University of Toronto’ (actually the Scarborough Campus, which, in the time I worked there, didn’t even bother to pretend that it was anything other than a cynical attempt to cash in on the first and second generation Canadians in the area who wanted to go to school close to home) ‘professor’ (actually a spousal hire– her husband is a dean) is using the school’s imprimatur to push ‘alternative vaccines’ and a whole suite of homeopathic garbage. 181 more words


On the horizon: an update

We’ve been hard at work on the “Excellence in Large Class Teaching” study and are growing our team! We just wanted to update you quickly to let you know about two events on the horizon for the next couple of months. 114 more words

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