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HighEdWeb - Until Next Time

I just realized that it was HighEdWeb that inspired my first post in this blog  in (*gulp*) 2010.  One thing that has been constant over the years is that I continue to not only be filled with gratitude for the amazing people I get to spend time with at the conference, but I am also challenged to fully put into words what the experience means to me. 660 more words


Scenario-Based Learning in Higher Ed

A reader asked a great question about the role of scenario-based learning in higher education. I’ve seen a number of good examples of storytelling and scenarios in university courses. 806 more words


Change in HigherEd is always well - Messy

In this post Joshua Kim reports on Tim Harford’s book Messy, whose thesis is that change is higher education is always – messy.

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Workshop: Comparing Practices of Knowledge (Stuart M. McManus)

Stuart M. McManus, SIFK Postdoctoral Fellow
“Empire of Eloquence: Humanism and Iberian Global Expansion, 1500-1825”

Classical rhetoric and neo-Roman public oratory played a pivotal role in forging Iberia’s global empires in the Americas, Asia, Europe and Africa. 174 more words


Distance Learning and How It Helps You Achieve More

While this article is from the Haitian News, it is a view of how just one country is able to benefit by investment in distance learning.   187 more words

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Join me at the MSERA 2016 in Mobile, Alabama!

Join me in Mobile, AL this November 2nd-4th for the Mid-South Educational Research Associations (MSERA) 2015 annual meeting.  Click this link to see the full conference schedule.   139 more words


A Defense of Academic Twitter

At Inside Higher Ed, I have a how-to guide to academic Twitter with a prologue on academic precarity and public engagement. “Precarity helped create the new public scholar,” I argue: “in a twist of fate, the success of contingent voices in finding an audience for their work may have now helped to raise expectations for those occupying scarce tenure-track jobs.” Also, … 7 more words