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What to Do if Your Scholarships Exceed Tuition

Receiving too much free money doesn’t seem like a problem, but when it comes to scholarships and college expenses, it can be. Some schools practice what’s called “scholarship displacement,” (also called “stacking”) which is when any need-based financial aid you’ve been awarded by the school – like loans, work-study, and grants – is reduced after winning a private scholarship, usually by the same amount of however much money you’ve received in the scholarship. 129 more words


Why is college so expensive? Ask the state

The Texas State Capitol building in Austin. Image source credit: Billie Grace Ward / Flickr CC.

By Alyssa Foley

College tuition and fees have skyrocketed across the country in the past decade, swelling at… 727 more words


Student to Student: How to Cheat the Textbook System

If you think you’re paying for just your tuition and commuter fees for a typically “cheaper” public education then you thought wrong. City universities may flaunt their “affordable education” titles but although they can boast a lower cost per credit value than other private institutions absolutely nothing has been said or done about textbook costs. 582 more words


I Admit It: My PWI Experience Doesn't Compare to an HBCU

A friend of mine shared the article, I went to a PWI and still had a black college experience. I read through the comments (on his post) and saw a lot of predominately white Institutions (PWI) graduates defending and affirming the author’s perspective. 635 more words


Admissions Counselor Advice

Most of us who wind up working in an Admissions Office find ourselves there by accident. We don’t have a plan to work in higher ed nor do we have a plan to make a career of it. 2,082 more words


When the Writing Ceased

I’ve reflected before on periods when I wrote very little before regaining traction in my writing. In an August 2016 post, I shared how I regained writing momentum after teaching two classes in the same summer term. 535 more words


ED's New Audit Guide - 90/10 Compliance

As with many other areas of financial aid management discussed in our prior posts, the audit requirements relating to compliance with the “90/10 Rule” have increased significantly in… 958 more words

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