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The Poison of War

Chris Hedges

In May 2003, Chris Hedges gave a controversial commencement speech at Rockford College (Rockford University since 2013) in Illinois.  Back then, Hedges was an award-winning reporter for the… 2,182 more words

US Military

Who is Telling the Story? The People vs. The Government

Who is telling the story? In two news articles by The Express Tribune in Pakistan vs. The
Morung Express in India both are advocating for more innovation and technology in the education system. 503 more words

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What Colleges Could Do About College Admission, Part 3

Most of the changes being advocated regarding college admission focus on students, families, schools, and organizations changing their ways. “Relax!” say colleges. “Do your best and don’t worry about the results.” Students are enjoined to be “nicer” and more sincere in their approach to other, their activities, and their communities. 1,285 more words

College Counseling

Online Image Makeover: A winning mantra for Indian universities to gain edge over foreign educators

The Indian Express | November 18, 2016 |  Opinion |

Like in every sphere, this competition has taken its battle online as well.

In a bid to expand India’s educational horizon, the Narendra Modi Government has openly invited foreign universities to set up campuses in the country. 526 more words


What Colleges Could Do About College Admission, Part 2

In Part 1 and in other posts on this site, I’ve defined what I think a “better” college admission process is and emphasized that colleges and universities have the responsibility of reforming it. 1,115 more words

College Admission

UGC issues directions for all Colleges to stop serving Junk Food

Exams Watch | 12 November 2016 |  Sunil Bhatnagar |

In the present scenario, almost every child is taught by respective parents, doctors and schools about the negative effects of consuming junk food. 659 more words


Cloud Billing Challnges

Bob Flynn, Indiana University

Microsoft Azure – the challenges. Plsses – Account management; Identity management; Networking; Security management; Incident Response.

Minus – Billing. Hvae to make a pre-commit for your enrollment ($100/month) Everything that happens at your campus later is on the same bill. 312 more words

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