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Uncertainty is discomforting

Universities have long been viewed as institutions that produce knowledge for the common good.

They do this in a variety of ways: by undertaking research that leads to developments in health, culture, science and technology; by teaching skills that equip graduates to serve the community in their work as teachers, doctors, engineers and artists; by fostering citizenship and self-understanding; by sitting at the head of a universal education system; and by serving as apolitical places dedicated to disinterested scholarship and learning. 719 more words

Government Reform

The neoliberal assault on Higher Education

Thanks to UCU member Russ Jackson for drawing attention to Tarak Barkawi’s opinion piece published by Al Jazeera news on 26 April 2013.

Barkawi argues that the ‘neoliberal sacking of universities runs much deeper than tuition fee hikes and budget cuts. 169 more words

Going, Going . . .

I have been extremely busy setting up my freelancing business and it’s been really enjoyable. I’m networking with lots of people I never would have met in academia and it feels really good to have a practical service to offer. 337 more words


D-Day Has Come and Gone . . . ?

My notice has been delivered to two members of senior management, dispensing with the usual proceedure of notifying my line manager directly. I have informed senior management of the state of affairs in my department–an exit gift to the people I still respect and, have to admit it, it’s a little bit of revenge on my part.  610 more words


A New Job (?) and My First Encounter with Magical Thinking

Not long ago, I was expressing anger and frustration that I had interviewed for a job but had not received any communication afterward even though I emailed to ask whether I’d been rejected or not. 964 more words


Toxic Departments and D-Day Approaches

I’m currently working in what’s called a ‘toxic’ department in the States and I’ve been there for quite a few years. Toxic is such a fantastic expression—the dreadful dynamics of these departments quickly infects and poisons all the other aspects of your life. 610 more words

Changing Careers

Tales of Horror from the Academic Interview Room

I’m not happy again. My interviewers may have made their promised decision-by-the-end-of-the-week about who they would hire, but they certainly did not inform me of the outcome of that decision. 1,026 more words