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Uncertainty is discomforting

Universities have long been viewed as institutions that produce knowledge for the common good.

They do this in a variety of ways: by undertaking research that leads to developments in health, culture, science and technology; by teaching skills that equip graduates to serve the community in their work as teachers, doctors, engineers and artists; by fostering citizenship and self-understanding; by sitting at the head of a universal education system; and by serving as apolitical places dedicated to disinterested scholarship and learning. 719 more words

Government Reform

The neoliberal assault on Higher Education

Thanks to UCU member Russ Jackson for drawing attention to Tarak Barkawi’s opinion piece published by Al Jazeera news on 26 April 2013.

Barkawi argues that the ‘neoliberal sacking of universities runs much deeper than tuition fee hikes and budget cuts. 169 more words

Alumni relations

In the face of limited financial resources, universities across the world are increasingly seeking new ways of cultivating the loyalties – and the donations – of their alumni. 78 more words


The tales that we tell

In an age of increasing marketisation, how do universities explain who they are? What story can they tell about their role and their value that will reach out and embrace their several constituencies? 507 more words


Internationalisation and the problem of recognition

Internationalisation is something higher education institutions have been engaging in since the 1970s. Initially it took the form of development schemes, but as Hans de Wit has recently pointed out… 154 more words


The world beyond their walls

What role should universities play in the after-careers of their students?

This is a question that receives a great deal of attention today, when the nature of work is changing and when students are uncertain about how to begin their careers. 128 more words


Binding the generations

I spent yesterday afternoon in the Sheldonian Theatre where academics from the University of Oxford expressed their lack of confidence in the coalition’s higher education policies. 203 more words