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Art's Not Always Safe: The Fate of Arts Education in the Age of the Microaggression

Colleges and universities have become touchy places of late, with their “safe spaces,” “trigger warnings” and denunciations of “microaggression.” Comedians Jerry Seinfeld and Chris Rock announced that they have sworn off doing shows on college campuses because of so often being accused of racism, sexism and more. 2,361 more words


Turning the ship around

The Times Higher Education has published an article by Carolina Guzmán-Valenzuela, the ship in this case being higher education institutions in Latin America. My comment: 586 more words


Quiz: What's in a University name?

An exciting university quiz

Musing, as you do, about the names of universities, I was struck by how many North American universities are named after people, often major benefactors such as: 91 more words

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Weekend Column with Salon: "Real Americans" vs. "Coastal Elites" - The Truth Behind the Mindless Cliche

In my weekend cultural column with Salon, I unpack the idiocy of the popular juxtaposition of “coastal elites” and “real Americans.” Clearly, the term “elite” has no meaning if Donald Trump qualifies as an “anti-elite populist.” 45 more words

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Accommodaitons for College Students

Career Schools have been adhering to accommodations for students with learning disabilities for over fifteen years. If anyone would have access to the policies written by ITT Technical Institute there were procedures for these students relating to their high school plans. 13 more words

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Juneau for president? As Trump interviews administration candidates

Mark Trahant / Trahant Reports

The period between an election and a new presidential administration is nothing short of frantic. There is just not enough time to… 547 more words

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Does your strategic intent or vision really inspire your people?


Increasingly, businesses see the mission statement as means of inspiring employees. Maximising profits or shareholder value is not a great motivator. Profit anyway is better seen as a result of a successful competitive strategy rather than an actionable objective itself. 108 more words

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