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I’m in my final days working at Service Year Alliance (SYA). I was the first Service Year employee since I didn’t come from one of the original three organizations that merged to form SYA. 371 more words

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3 Places the Labor Will Come From

Given that the labor market will remain tight, and the immense response to the New York Times article recapped yesterday, Bloomberg columnist Conor Sen asked: 1,004 more words


Mental Health Professionals-R-Us

So, I’m just going to keep posting the stupid-ass stuff that college administrators keep sending adjunct faculty. Apparently, by completing an 8-hour workshop (for which we will  not be compensated, naturally), we adjuncts are going to help decrease the appalling number of suicides among 15-24 year olds in the United States. 246 more words

College Professors' Iffy Pedagogy—Take 2

The tendency to assign more academic texts than students can realistically read closely isn’t the only, or even primary difference, between many higher education faculty and the best K-12 teachers. 145 more words


Are you happy with the decisions you made regarding post secondary education?

According to Gallup’s On Second Thought: U.S. Adults Reflect on Their Education Decisions, most Americans (51 percent) would change at least one of the following: choose a different major (36 percent), choose a different degree (12 percent), or choose a different institution (28 percent). 390 more words

Skills Based Approach