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Exam season is upon us!

As exam season takes hold on campus here at Outreach we have put together some advice and tips that worked for us. Good luck everybody! 397 more words


Use Skills-Based Approach For Your Lifelong Learning

Earlier this week I heard about a special report about Lifelong Learning in the TheEconomist, so I scrambled around looking for a copy in the book and convenience stores in the area – without any luck. 892 more words

Skills Based Approach

Why do football matches are 11 vs. 11 or what is the ideal (perfect) size for class?

                                                   Size does make a difference!

We are living in such a wonderful time when we can draw parallels almost between any spheres of our lives. When many concepts are interconnected, it is easy to find some similarities in different fields and try to fix them. 664 more words

School Leadership

Bali Rekrut 200 Sarjana Pertanian

Republika, halaman 5

Pemerintah Provinsi Bali fokus mengatasi pengangguran intelektual, salah satunya dengan merekrut 200 sarjana pertanian. Mereka akan dilibatkan dalam pelaksanaan program unggulan Bali Mandara, yaitu Sistem Pertanian Terintegrasi (Simantri), hingga penguatan adat dan budaya. 179 more words


Bali Recruits 200 Agriculture Undergraduates

Republika, page 5

Bali Provincial Administration focuses on addressing the intellectual unemployed, one of them by the recruitment of 200 undergraduates of agriculture. They will be involved in the implementation of the flagship program Bali Mandara, namely the Integrated Agricultural System (Simantri), and to the strengthening of customs and culture. 216 more words


[Written December 6, 2015] My Decade Abroad

I’ve always loved universities, higher education, and college life- even when I was a student. Some people take a year abroad after college, but I feel like my 20s were my decade abroad. 81 more words

¿Qué PASA?

The Closing of the American Mind Revisited

Allan Bloom’s The Closing of the American Mind . . . was a real sensation and a surprise bestseller.

. . . He said out loud what liberal elite culture could only regard as heresy: The supposed idealism of the 1960s was, in fact, a new barbarism. 232 more words