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Black Feminist Futures Ahead

Building upon the voices of millions of women who, just about a month ago, made clear their opposition President Trump’s call to misogyny, racism, and xenophobia, UC Women’s Center hosts a symposium this coming Friday, February 24 at Tangeman University Center entitled:  Creating Black Feminist Futures.   1,927 more words


 A Way To Lead Good to Great Teams. The Challenge of Contemporary Higher Ed.

Leadership isn’t position — it is action as Maxwell has said repeatedly. Leadership isn’t about you, your wishes or your legacy. Leadership is de facto… 2,437 more words

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Update: arrested DACA recipient still detained following court hearing

Just as a quick update, at a hearing on Friday a federal court judge declined to release an arrested DACA recipient.  Rather than taking formal action itself the court requested that the matter be referred to an immigration court for a bail hearing to be held within seven days. 140 more words


A Rhodes Trip

A university education, like a road trip, is just as much about the journey as the destination.

By Tim Jarvis


I dropped my son off at Rhodes University recently. 884 more words


DACA concerns continue after arrest of DACA beneficiary.

Anxiety about the fate of DACA and individuals subject to its protections continue to fester despite the fact that the Trump administration has not made any official move to rescinded DACA. 365 more words

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How the Humanities Became Morally Incoherent

Last week here on Longreads, Josh Roiland shared an unflinching account of his struggle with debt and economic precarity as a tenure-track professor. It was a sobering story — especially since the tenure track, for anyone not on it, appears like a lush, care-free, wood-panneled paradise. 340 more words