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The New Trinity- Chapter 20: Resurrection

The Old Man hobbled up to us with a vague smile on his face as his glossy eyes surveyed the demons and angels arrayed before him. 1,504 more words


The New Trinity- Chapter 19: Hell Unleashed

“So this is it then,” Nathanael sneered. “The last stand of the ‘Great’ Lucifer…You’re outnumbered.”

The Big Guy ignored the taunt.

“All those loyal to Heaven and Hell rally to me.” he said. 2,531 more words


The New Trinity- Chapter 18: Armagideon Time

A million terrified and really confused Livies gaped as we rushed south out of the city. Rash and Batty rode on the back of Cerberus, while I flew above them carrying Gabby alongside Lilith and Raphael. 3,034 more words


The New Trinity- Chapter 16: Countdown to Armageddon

Lilith, Raphael and I rematerialized back at Avi’s shop to start searching for the map while Batty flew back carrying Rash.

We were knee deep in junk by the time Rash stumbled in looking white as a ghost, followed by Batty who seemed just fine. 3,046 more words


The New Trinity- Chapter 14: The Key to Salvation

Christmas was fast approaching, and we still hadn’t heard a peep from Henrich and Ammun.

We’d sure heard from Nathanael though!

He’d made a flurry of appearances with the possessed Gabby where he gave his usual bullshit speech. 1,138 more words


The New Trinity- Chapter 9: The Gates of Hell


Lilith, Leonard, Batty and I- along with Michael, Gabriel and the Big Guy- raced out of the Throne room following Aluriel.

I’d never seen anything like it! 2,076 more words


The New Trinity-Chapter 8: Knocking on the Devi's Door

The four of us flew through the Gates and landed back in Hell.

“Home, sweet home,” I muttered sarcastically.

Aluriel, the gatekeeper with the flaming bull’s skull for a head, waved as he trotted up to us. 955 more words