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Singapore is top spot for expatriates: HSBC survey

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Singapore is the top destination of choice for expatriates

Singapore is the top destination of choice for expatriates

Expatriates have given Singapore a vote of confidence in a recent HSBC survey, naming it as the top place to be in terms of career progression, salaries and quality of life. 261 more words

Money Matters

Retirement: What Singaporeans in their 60s can do to get higher monthly payouts

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In your 60s and thinking if you should retire soon? One of your key considerations should be the monthly payouts you need to live your desired lifestyle in your golden years. 114 more words

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Russia Issue 2 Plan

Sorry, I genuinely did this on Thursday but it didn’t upload. I’m just realising now :(



Factors Influencing a Currency Pair Exchange Rate

The trade price refers back to the worth of the US greenback towards the values of currencies of different international locations. Such a charge helps decide how a lot we pay for imported items and providers and the way a lot we obtain for what we export, amongst different issues….

The high thoughts of Yahweh (Isa 55:8-55:9)

“‘My thoughts are not your thoughts.

Neither are your ways my ways.’

Says Yahweh.

‘As the heavens are higher

Than the earth,

So are my ways higher… 50 more words


Young baby-girl bites her nails after she skis on pretty white lines. She’s pacing the living room rug while I watch her from the corner of the room. 201 more words