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We were friends. Every night, I went to sleep, not thinking of consequences. But one fine morning (nah, I’m kidding, it wasn’t fine), I found that the cat’s scratch was right underneath my eyelid. 192 more words


Let's Take Health Research More Seriously

Jason Silverstein published a great article in The Atlantic today (read it here!). It asks an important question: why do we keep looking for a racial basis for health disparities in the U.S.? 960 more words

A Walk

There used to be a spot at the Scientific Center, a place we’d meet, and we would grab our morning coffee and I would comment that I liked it “bitter, like me.” Your reply would always be giggles and then offering me a piece of that double chocolate chip cookie, reminding me that sometimes good things are thrust upon us. 111 more words


Part time, if only - Helen Palmer

Helen Palmer

Am I really halfway through my first year as a PhD Researcher? I don’t feel like I’ve achieved a great deal yet but then I must remember that I’m not on the same timeline as the rest of my PhD colleagues. 533 more words

You & Your PhD

Unsubscribing, as a part time gig.

As an experiment, I spent a month of applying to as many contests, free sites, etc. as possible. I got some freebies in the mail, won nothing I entered online, but ended up with more than 240 emails per day sent to my inbox. 499 more words

PhD Student

Twitter to Enhance Learning & Performance

Twitter provides the opportunity to have micro-conversations in 140 characters or less. This social media platform has been repurposed by a number of educators for workplace learning. 703 more words


Got Hashtag? [Gathering Edu & Ed Tech Conference Hashtags]

I am wrangling up hashtags from all 2015 education and education conferences. If you know of a conference with a hashtag, let me know. ADD the conference name, hashtag, and the conference website… 9 more words