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A rant about perceptions of community college

Back in February 2017, the city of San Francisco became the first in the nation to reach a deal in providing free college tuition at City College. 515 more words

Innovative Practices that Work!

Technology has driven change in many ways.  It can be seen within the dynamic of the household, the manner in which people participate in the community, and it also has had a very profound impact on the manner in which we educate and train the future leaders of our society.  614 more words

On the Value of "Soft Reading"

Blame it on Oprah.  Blame it on One City One Book.  Blame it on the declining reading habits of ordinary Americans (as recent popular wisdom would have you believe). 1,537 more words

Without A Strong a Mentor, You Will Fail To Reach Your Career Potential.

One of my favorite books in the bible is the book of proverbs. The main reason why I love this book is because of the many practical lessons we learn by reading this piece of scripture. 687 more words


Social and Digital Presence in Higher Ed (#EdDigID)

Social media and digital technologies are not neutral. These platforms come with cultural, social, and political context — often engineered to encourage interaction, engagement, and some form of addiction. 747 more words


MOOCs et al

 File retrieved on 05-10-2017 technologyenhancedlearning.net/2013/02/mooc.png

The reality is, education is expensive.  Not only is it expensive, but the cost analysis of the education, the opportunity cost expensed, and the marginal utility received from its consumption can be seen as dwindling. 1,473 more words

Education and Technology! Where are We Headed?

Technology has definitely had a profound impact on society.  In the next several weeks, while working on my coursework for my degree, I will be working with my peers on conversations highlighting technology, its uses, and its plan for change within the education system.   38 more words