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The #3Wedu Podcast, No. 14: Gender Matters

As our institutions welcome new faculty and onboard staff members, higher learning organizations often experience either (or both) salary compression and salary inversion. Why raise the salary of tenured professors or administrative staff, if this talent can be replaced by recruiting new professionals or faculty for substantially less? 455 more words


 A Way To Lead Good to Great Teams. The Challenge of Contemporary Higher Ed.

Leadership isn’t position — it is action as Maxwell has said repeatedly. Leadership isn’t about you, your wishes or your legacy. Leadership is de facto… 2,437 more words

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Medium Madness: Making Media Meaningful

Learning preferences is a topic that has been taught and debated among educators for a long time. I remember taking a multiple choice test in my first University class where they had us choose “how best we learn.” Am I an auditory learner? 906 more words


Things Always Make Sense To Someone.

Things always make sense to someone. What sometimes appears to be illogical, idiotic or unlikely has de facto roots in systematic reasoning. As I said, “Things always make sense to somebody.” The appointment of billionaire Betsy DeVos for Secretary of Education of the United States is a clear cut example of that. 580 more words

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Real Talk: Should I be Proposing Conference Paper(s)

Real Talk is our new professional development series. We discuss the things that’ll make you a better teacher-scholar. If you have a question or want to share your own thoughts, … 1,173 more words


Responsive Facilities Meet Higher-Ed Challenges

The updated library at California State Univ., Dominguez Hills, accommodates 1,600 new reader stations and nearly 250 computer workstations while showcasing artwork that reflects the region’s multicultural population. 728 more words

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