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"And now, the end is near...." - thank you all

It has been my first year as a ‘teacher’. I’d like to thank you all for your company, and banter! And I have been quite chuffed and humbled to see some of the work coming through. 257 more words


On Tutoring and Border Policing

Four Corners recently aired an ‘expose’ of the Australian university system: a report purportedly focused on the increased profit focus and subsequent academic erosion of the tertiary sector that instead had more to say about the border than about capital. 1,410 more words


The only thing certain is, ironically, things change.

I am a good dog mom. When I leave for any length of time, I like to keep my high anxiety (who says we are not attracted to pets with our same qualities?)furry four-footed friend, with some sound barrier which will assist in keeping every outside noise muted. 960 more words

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SGA and the Culture of Censorship

As former Senator Joseph Kerins put it, “SGA censorship is something that needs to be talked about within the wider campus community. SGA is our only form of direct student representation at DePaul, and incidents of this nature reflect the ongoing obstruction of student voices. 1,016 more words


The final Final.

I am not good at goodbyes.

Friday was my last class to teach at Lindenwood. The small class, whose attendance dropped dramatically when I announced the Final would be on Friday at 11am made up for its size with personality. 431 more words

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Science communication: awkard silences at the snack table

By Ruenda Loots

“I am a professional arm wrestler.”

This is my new answer to “So, what do you do for a living?”

Other options include: “Unfortunately, that information is classified” or “Nothing. 779 more words

#SAchat Podcast: Online Student Services

Last month I joined Dustin from The Student Affairs Spectacular Podcast, to talk about the impact online learning will have on student support for our learners. 265 more words