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The #3Wedu Podcast No. 9: Elevate and Amplify

Do you ever think about how to best amplify one another in higher education? Jess Knott shared about this in her #3Wedu podcast blog post that included this  173 more words


Don't judge a fish by how it rides a bicycle

Today at the ripe age of 26, I learnt how to ride a bike. It was an embarrassing process. Let me first say that I can’t blame my parents for my lack of cycling skills: When I was 5, I got my first bike. 568 more words


Attending conferences as a post-graduate student

Conferences are more important for networking than they are for sharing or learning when you are a post-graduate student.

A conference without networking is just a proceeding of abstracts or papers. 676 more words


New Academic Year 16/17 at London Library School, #citylis

Thoughts around my talk planned for Induction this year. For reference, as I most likely won’t stick to the script.


Library & Information Science… 2,077 more words


Who to tell what

Today, after talking to family about the difficulty of getting used to working with people who wanted to collaborate with me, who wanted to build community (with me, too), my sister recommended I call one of our colleagues. 546 more words


Perplexed by the NCLEX in Canada

To most Canadian nursing educators, the NCLEX is about as welcome in Canada as Donald Trump. I am not alone in being royally PO’d that the provincial nursing regulatory bodies decided to nix the Canadian Registered Nurses’ Exam (commonly known as the CRNE)to replace it with the NCLEX in 2015. 1,199 more words


Higher Education is Pushing More Professors into Poverty

The summer of 2014 I received a phone call that would forever alter my career as an English professor. The chair of my department called me to tell me that the college will be getting rid of contract faculty starting January 2015. 551 more words