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EdTech Must be Easy to Use, Analyst Says

ClassValue wants to make education accessible and easy to use for school districts that might not have the funding or resources to properly educate students. Dave Hoverman, managing director at Parthenon-EY said in his keynote speech at the Education Industry Symposium that this, “will be more true than ever going forward,” addressing more than 100 business leaders attending the event. 124 more words

The Spirit of an Educator in Great Teacher Onizuka アニメ (Anime)

Teaching is perhaps the single most praiseworthy career path. Moreover, ALL human beings are teachers–not only those with certifications and degrees. 356 more words


More Students Need to Graduate College

McGrawHill Education Overall, college graduates are less likely to be unemployed [U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics], they are more likely to vote [ 144 more words

Wizardry and Privilege: Rowling, Tolkien, Le Guin

Everyone wants to be a wizard. Anyone who says they don’t…well…c’mon, really? Unfortunately, many of my favorite works of art and literature put wizardry in a category of unattainable arts. 350 more words


Private Higher Education in Star Trek DS9

The conflict in S2E4 “Invasive Procedures” is reminiscent of what happens to many millions of people who are denied access to higher education. Don’t worry, I won’t spoil the story for you ;P This episode pits knowledge against wisdom; fortunately, wisdom always wins out against knowledge. 192 more words


Documentation in the post-factual society; or what LIS did next (after Brexit)

It has become something of a truism that LIS has rather lost its way. The importance of the information professional role is generally believed to have been diminished by the ready availability of digital information, particularly through Google, Wikipedia and social media, while news from the formal library sector is increasingly of closures and mergers. 1,225 more words


Nothing like your first time!

Most things that you do for the first time are scary. The fear comes from not knowing if you’re doing the right thing; whether you will to meet your own expectations — and everybody else’s! 681 more words