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Leadership Challenge for Indian Universities

In common with most of the public services during the last fifty years, higher education has felt enormous pressure on collective and individual morale, and suffered above average incidence of the impact of low morale (in, for example, extremely high – or extremely low – rates of turnover, and in the rates of stress-related illnesses). 1,526 more words

National Policy

Kicking cans

It’s doom and gloom time kids! I want to talk a little about the state of higher education in the United States right now. I have to say, I’m a little worried. 1,198 more words


SoTL–What is the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning?

This semester I am enrolled in the second semester of Iowa State’s Preparing Future Faculty Program. This program supplements graduate education with training and mentoring opportunities focused on teaching and learning. 588 more words


#HEdigID Chat No. 1: Being A Higher Ed Professional Online

Friday, February 9, 2018 — is the FIRST of a series of conversations on Twitter I hope to instigate, support, and contribute to this year: … 482 more words


Item Numbers and Friendly Appearances in B-Schools

Many people, with some years of work experience, show a craving to teach in a b-school. Similarly retired persons, from nearly all walks of life, defence, business, trade, bureaucracy or police also want to teach in b-schools. 1,001 more words


Teaching Outdoors! Field Laboratories

This semester I volunteered to be a Teaching Assistant for a 400 level course in the Natural Resource Ecology and Management department, my home department here at Iowa State University. 794 more words


The exam hack in your hand

Here is my idea of how to weave Google Drawings into constructing learning for Mathematics.

We all know how dreary learning Mathematics can be. Exponential and Logarithmic curves are not things you would expect any student to bring up at the dinner table when parents ask “So, what did you learn at school today?” 238 more words