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A Social Scientist’s Lab

When I think of a laboratory, it conjures images of pipettes and burners with complex mathematical equations written on a board. My laboratory, however, as a political scientist, has little to do with Bunsen burners and more do with measuring political heat. 717 more words


Talent relationships

Potential employees have a long memory about how they’ve been treated by your organization. Be respectful.

An organization isn’t going to hire every candidate. But you do need to consider that applicants will potentially come in contact with your organization in the future and you want them to feel like they’ve been treated with respect. 297 more words


Contributor or leader?

I’ve grown tired of the typical rhetoric about leadership.

There is a lot of value in Canadian society placed on the importance of being or becoming a leader or being ranked in the Top 40 under 40 or other types of leadership lists/ or awards. 443 more words


Started from the Slate Now We're Here

The debate this week for EC&I 830: Does technology enhance learning?

If you look at any of my blog posts, I think you will be able to figure out  which side of this argument I agree with. 651 more words


3 Embarrassing Spelling Errors in Education

It’s graduation season in America and time to gas up the spell-checker in education.

Ontario High School:

Once again, spelling errors on diplomas hit the news. 378 more words


Damn, Koskie! Back At It Again.....


Now that I have exhausted my French vocabulary , I thought I would do an introduction post about myself. I recently started my second masters class at the… 396 more words