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Hey U of Chicago: I’m an academic & survivor. I use trigger warnings in my classes. Here’s why. – Medium

The University of Chicago recently stated ‘We Do Not Support So-Called Trigger Warnings’. “So-Called”, eh? Because millennials are entitled and overly sensitive and oppressive, right? Not because anyone has ever experienced actual trauma and requested a little warning in order to properly administer self care, of course. 222 more words

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Balance/ choices

On this year’s National Women’s Day, I really wanted to blog about work-life-balance in academia. But it was a public holiday and I had to play with my 1-year old son most of the day. 577 more words


Learn How to Use Class Value

           As many students begin their first semester of college, there’s a chance that they ended up taking the wrong class. But there’s no shame in it, considering when students register they many times will base decisions off of a short paragraph description of the class. 83 more words

A university, like everything else, has a place in the society to which it be­longs, but that place is not the function of contributing to some other kind of activity in the society but of being itself and not another thing. 318 more words

The Return of Students

It’s that time of year! Students are coming back, which means a few things for higher ed professionals.

Summer is coming to an end. All those empty tables at residential restaurants and short lines for morning coffee are about to disappear. 102 more words