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On Being an Academic Nurse

When I began my PhD I felt the need to be cautious about telling people that I was doing it. Luckily I worked with super supportive colleagues and they never made me feel like I was weird or not a “real” nurse because of my interest in research. 669 more words

Leading while bleeding

A little while ago I attended a women’s conference at my church and one of the speakers talked about leading while bleeding.  The title of her talk really resonated with me even though the imagery is rather unfortunate given the brutal scenes from the… 397 more words


Where to now?

It is my great pleasure to announce that I passed my MSc degree and will be graduating next year in May :-D. Pretty cool right? Having worked so much to acquire such a milestone has helped me to appreciate the work that goes in having a Master’s degree. 687 more words


Hello from Dr Lyra

Hello, I’m Dr Lyra, the Digital Education Unit cat. That’s me in the picture. I finished my PhD a few years ago, and I’m here to give advice on how to survive the process. 70 more words


The #3Wedu Podcast No. 9: Elevate and Amplify

Do you ever think about how to best amplify one another in higher education? Jess Knott shared about this in her #3Wedu podcast blog post that included this  173 more words


Don't judge a fish by how it rides a bicycle

Today at the ripe age of 26, I learnt how to ride a bike. It was an embarrassing process. Let me first say that I can’t blame my parents for my lack of cycling skills: When I was 5, I got my first bike. 568 more words


Attending conferences as a post-graduate student

Conferences are more important for networking than they are for sharing or learning when you are a post-graduate student.

A conference without networking is just a proceeding of abstracts or papers. 676 more words