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Expectations for Social Media

I think it is fair to assume that people’s’ view on social media vary greatly in regards to what it is and it’s place in the world. 588 more words


Q: What is #SAcdn Chat? A: A conversation across Canada with #HigherEd colleagues.

The #SAcdn hashtag has been embraced by student affairs (SA), student services, and professionals who support students in Canadian higher education. The goal (and tagline) for the #SAcdn community is “connecting our country,” specifically to share what the world of SA and higher ed is like in my home and native land. 613 more words


Digital Literacy and Information Fluency in Higher Ed

Consuming information online is no more than a click, scroll, or swipe these days. All searches are not created equal and rarely do we think about fact checking what we find on the Internet. 1,269 more words


Developing Habits, Developing Minds: What Can Neuroplasticity Do For Composition?

A bevy of scholarship within both the sciences and the humanities have surveyed the implications presented by recent research into the human’s brain’s astounding and only recently-realized levels of neuroplasticicy.   1,944 more words

A rant about perceptions of community college

Back in February 2017, the city of San Francisco became the first in the nation to reach a deal in providing free college tuition at City College. 515 more words


Innovative Practices that Work!

Technology has driven change in many ways.  It can be seen within the dynamic of the household, the manner in which people participate in the community, and it also has had a very profound impact on the manner in which we educate and train the future leaders of our society.  614 more words