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Emergency Crisis Simulation

A local university uses an emergency crisis simulation to prepare their social team.

The Hootsuite crisis simulation team was helping a University prepare for a possible shooting on campus. 124 more words


5 Things I Hate about “Higher Education”: An Analysis of my College Experience Thus Far

I attend a private religious institution which will remain unnamed, and I have observed some immensely disturbing things about my school that of which when I compared to some my peer’s schools have come to the conclusion that these issues are present in a variety of universities from two year to four year. 1,448 more words

UC's continue to change after presidents death

Last week, former president of University of California systems and UC Irvine chancellor Jack W. Peltason died at 91. With a sad departure from the figure, many officials are advancing the conversation of… 150 more words


The Emotional Labor of Being a Woman of Color on a Primarily-White Institution

I didn’t know I was afro-latin@ until I got to Bryn Mawr College… let me rephrase that, I knew I was Latina and I knew I had brown skin but I didn’t know the impact my racial and ethnic identity had on my experiences until I enrolled at a primarily-white institution (PWI) on the wealthy suburbs of Philadelphia.   951 more words


How for-profits can garner public support

Relating institutional effectiveness to the greater good of society may sound a bit lofty and heavy-handed at first, but consider the primary stakeholders involved in the process of institutional effectiveness: the students, the schools, the employers, and the community at large. 434 more words

Mind the Gap

Some critics say that our country’s postsecondary institutions are incapable of keeping up with projected growth in the middle-skill occupations. According to their projections, the U.S. 324 more words


Why I ran away from my PhD for the day

Yesterday I had a run away day. I was sick of my work and wanted to get away for a bit, so I drove out the Peak District and wrote in my research diary for a while. 1,011 more words