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Higher education administration is starting to sound like a scam of a degree. Mini rant...

My wife got her masters in Leadership in Higher Education this past May (~8 months ago). She has applied to 50+ jobs and hasn't landed anything yet. 214 more words


Minding the Dream - American Values Vs. American Culture

Minding the Dream, my reactions to chapter 1&2

In Minding the Dream: The Process and Practice of the American Community College (Mellow and Heelan), the first chapter provides an overview of the history and challenges of the community college and chapter 2 discusses the public and private benefits of higher education. 893 more words

Faculty Member Taking Credit For Student Success

Hello All,

Has anyone had experience with a faculty member taking credit for many things that their students do?

Backstory: Without going into too much detail, a faculty member in the Disaster Management program at a University that I am an undergrad student at got the chance to be a part of the response to a local natural disaster. 440 more words


The College Logic Series: What's So Special? (Part 2)

Welcome to Part 2 of What’s so Special Part 2 in The College Logic Series. If you haven’t read the Intro or Part 1 click the highlighted.  609 more words


Do I raise my hand?

So I started the new semester today…

It’s semester 2/3 of my Masters of Social Work and I started it off with a Budget and Fiscal Management course. 852 more words

The College Logic Series: Intro

Why college? Why should I become a student of an institution that could cause future debt? Why should I enroll in classes revolving around a major that does not even guarantee future success? 306 more words


Thoughts and Feelings: University, Take 2

This semester I transferred to a new university. Career-wise I don’t really need a degree, but immigration-wise I need to attend school full time to remain in Canada. 1,099 more words