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Getting An “A” in Furniture Procurement for Higher Education: 4 Tips to “Buy Better” for Projects with Short Timelines

By Julia Rosen,  Bart DeVries and Megumi Kimura Sandoval

Furniture and equipment (F&E)— from classroom desks, chairs, to specialized lab equipment— play an important role in the students’ experience. 535 more words


Current Issues Affecting the Youth

Current Issues Affecting the Youth: Insights from the Recently Concluded 2016 PSPA International Conference

Any discourse on development inevitably involves the youth of the country. As defined by Republic Act 8044 or the Youth in Nation Building Act, the youth is “the critical period in a person’s growth and development from the onset of adolescence towards the peak of mature, self-reliant and responsible adulthood comprising the considerable sector of the population from the age of 15-30 years.” Considering that the Philippines has a long history of high fertility and high population growth rates, it can be said that the country has predominantly young population (CIA World Factbook, 2008). 1,244 more words


Protect Your Space

When I first told my friends I was going to California for Spring Break, they all responded with the same message:

“You’re not going to want to come back to Ohio after you visit.” 536 more words

Writing Matters V (2018)- "Writing With Mirrors"

I spent Saturday writing and working with the Seven Valleys Writing Project and its members at Writing Matters V. This year’s theme, Creating a Culture of Writers… 761 more words

Why you should choose an MBA?

Today every competent professional is looking for a degree which adds value to their experience, helps in getting them a good pay and respect. Baby Boomers age has reached their retirement and the market has turned competent enough. 391 more words

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How to choose in an MBA or MS?

Choosing a stream is one of the major challenges people face. If you enroll yourself in full-time MBA, it might help you in choosing your specialization but then if you do not want to pursue full-time MBA and want to know what your options are? 482 more words

Career Management

Dear Social Work Educators,

Dear Social Work Educators,


I’m sure as an educator of any kind, you often hear students groan and complain about this type of work. 354 more words