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High Heels

High heels – the price we pay for fashion?

There is nothing better then putting on your favorite pumps – however the impact on your bones and over all health can be significant. 451 more words

Hot in Latex

Last week i got a new latex catsuit for me. i was troubled a bit as this was my first one that was made actually for women and not for cross-dressers. 361 more words

Domina Shelle

Tamia's Feet

The first post on my blog will highlight the lovely features of the dear Tamia’s physical appearance. But who is her? She’s a lovely blonde cougar from Germany, very tall and with extremely long feet. 102 more words

flamingo love

I have to admit lately I have fallen victim to the flamingo fashion craze. I keep finding myself looking for flamingo,well, basically anything, anywhere I look,and can you blame me they’re so sweet,and I like how they’re elegant and bold at the same time,they make you noticed in a good way.Unless you’re this girl: 172 more words

Fără Categorie

5 Heels every woman should own

Good morning loves!! Along with diamonds, we all know that shoes are a fashionista’s best friend. If you’re a shoe addict like me, you probably have 29843974 pairs of heels shoes and so. 394 more words