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High heels with Trench coat

HU: Today I brought an outfit which is a bit different from the previous ones. Because I am basically tall, I don’t often wear high heeled shoes, but today because of an uknown reason I felt like wearing them. 449 more words


Margaret Cavendiss, Observations

Margaret Cavendish was in an interesting position in society, being a respectable Duchess with a will to share her mind, uncommon in that time period. Her views were direct and she had no problem voicing them regardless of who they were pointing at, which in this case was the high and mighty men of the esteemed Royal Society. 219 more words

Natural Analogies And Mixed Metaphors (9/7)

Perception: High Heels to Microscope

In Margret Cavendish’s critique, Observation upon Experimental Philosophy, in the beginning Margret Cavendish acknowledges and states that she is not in the right position of judging the “art of micrography and the several dioptrical instruments belonging thereto” nevertheless, this does not stop her from confidently claiming that magnifying glasses, although able to give the depiction of the external shape, does not depict or discover the “interior natural motions of any part or creature of nature” (p.1656) thus, it being a useless way of approaching scientific reasoning. 288 more words

Natural Analogies And Mixed Metaphors (9/7)

Margaret's Critique or Judgement?

In Margaret’s Observations upon Experimental Philosophy, she analyzes and critiques the work of Hooke who has used microscopes to explore the worlds details, for which we cannot see with our own eyes. 297 more words

Natural Analogies And Mixed Metaphors (9/7)

Welcome to Heaven - Miami ♥

MIAMI….The name itself blows your mind…….. Music, Beaches, Nightlife, Foods, and Art Cultures.

Its a Fashionable city. Fashion walks on the streets. Fashion is in the air. 279 more words


Here's to you Mom!

Bell Sleeves

How to Wear a Duster

There is not a day that goes by I do not think about my Mother.  She died at the young age of 58.   553 more words


High Heels Over 50

I have been wearing high heels since I was 4 years old.  You may wonder how this can be.  Well, I got my first pair from Santa Claus.   564 more words