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My love for High Heels and things to remember when buying one

Whilst in a shoe store “browsing” – checking out variety of heels with various colors, different textures, feeling the soft suede, leather… and most dazzling thing catches my eyes. 592 more words

To bet for knee high boots

Suede or fur shoes, decorated with belts or with different textures. Adding some cords or a zip. This year shoes are arriving to the autumn/winter season hailing attention. 163 more words


Phụ nữ & Những Đôi giày cao gót

👠Đi giày cao gót có đau không?
-> Có. Lúc đầu mới đi giày cao gót thì đó là một cái có rất to là đằng khác… 718 more words

When a pic of a sexy woman in a catsuit, becomes art

Truly awesome picture! Don’t know who the photographer or the model is. If yo do know, please let me in know in the  comments!


My Shoe Collection

Here is my latest blog/ style video showing of my shoe collection since some of you said you wanted to see. Enjoy. Oh and if you haven’t already on my youtube channel, check out my hand bag and purse collection.


My Roller Coaster Journey

Someone I considered a good friend once told me that in a lifestyle like ours sometimes it is good to write about it anonymously.   I am not being anonymous about this as I hope that if I can reach one person and help them, inspire them or make them feel like they are not alone than this is successful for me.   95 more words


Always on High Heels

High, High, High in the skyyyyy!

Who doesn’t dream of super models’ long legs? I know I do! Very unfortunately though the legs given to me by birth are not that long,so that I find the need of wearing high heels. 297 more words