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Meet of Champions Circa 2006


It’s been a hot minute. My 57 mile run (actually 59.8 – but who’s counting?) for Lyme disease awareness is over and it was spectacular! 1,667 more words


Persona 5

Post election day 2016, San Francisco assumed a state of mourning. People seemed lost, heads lowered. Collective defeat was palpable, almost physical. Like a noxious, marshmallowy fog you could part with your hands. 782 more words

Really Good

Brockport Football in First NCAA Playoff Appearance Since 2003

In this weeks sportscast, anchors Cordell Cummings and Emily Butterazzi discuss the high school football playoffs, Spencerports title game, and the opener for the Brockport women’s basketball team.


Being Competitive at the same time being mature as to not cause drama

My intramurals is coming soon and we are having a cheerdance competiton among other batches.

I’m now a senior. Meaning my batch is the eldest among the rest. 119 more words


Prison School: A Fantasy or a Nightmare?

Hello everybody today I’ll be talking about Prison School. I meant to talk about this one a long time ago but never got around to it. 497 more words


Ugh Days

Today was what I call an ugh day. It wasn’t great but I’ve definitely experienced worse.

I feel bad ranting because people ten to shut me down and say that some people have it worse than I do. 458 more words

The Immortal. (an old TV show)

What if you never got sick? What if you were immune to all diseases, including old age?

What if the wrong people knew about it?  Like someone very, very rich—and dying. 51 more words