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Vendredi Vignettes - The Fall of Ulin

“And this painting, Papa?” Irenia asked as she studied the cool tones. She’d never seen a land coated in white before. She preferred the emeralds, ceruleans, and baked clays of Heissia. 483 more words



“Everyone back away!” Called the attendant.

The crowd of onlookers cleaved as a tree by lightning for Osrael Zahn to arrive at the front of the ring. 70 more words


Peel Away the Hard Shell

Greyson Mura popped a grape in his mouth. The sweet juice exploded as he crushed it between his teeth. He glanced through a book, wholly disinterested with the conversation happening across the great lacquered table. 443 more words

Tales From Heissia


Holtan plucked a fruit from the tree. The disturbed leaves shook off the rain from this morning, showering him in citrus-scented drops.

He peered around the grove to see if anyone noticed. 355 more words

Heissian Royal Court


“Mama, may I have him, please?”

The Duchess of Coral Bay snarled at the beast. “Absolutely not! It’s a worthless mutt. Your father allowed you purebreds only.” 23 more words

Tales From Heissia

Kaylian's Tree

Allye Duncan knew every path in the royal gardens that led to Kaylian’s Tree. Centered in a tendril of the Jade River that carved through South Seashore Palace’s grounds, the golden maple drew hundreds of admirers every day. 681 more words

Heissian Royal Court