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Ride the USA-Day 2

Tuesday, May 26—Lone Pine, CA to Seligman, AZ via the Mohave Desert

We rose to a beautiful morning in Lone Pine. The Sierra Nevada Range is literally across the street, with the East side of Mount Whitney best viewed just south of Lone Pine. 899 more words

Family & Friends

Dino Guards Lemon House in Cartago

I’ve been searching the internet for real information about this building beside Highway 395 in lovely Cartago, California, just west of Owens Lake — but to little avail. 45 more words


The Road To Death Valley

From Roseville to Death Valley is between seven and eight hours depending on how much you have budgeted for speeding tickets. The roads are well maintained but with artificially constrained limits and frequent speed traps. 349 more words


2014-09 WA/OR/ID/WY/MT 1/4

*Day 1/Tuesday/September 9:

Because I5 from Marysville to Olympia is such a traffic-choked exercise in frustration, we usually take Highway 20 east over the North Cascades Highway to the dry side of the state or head west on the same highway gaining access to the Olympic Peninsula via the Washington State Marine Highway ferries. 2,845 more words


I Drove to "Stateline" at the "State Line"

Anyone who has ever entered Nevada by car/truck/similar vehicle knows that casinos await about one foot inside the state line (an exception is entering off Highway 395, where the Topaz Lodge casino is no more than a quarter-mile inside, and you can see it up the hill. 124 more words

395 Erosion

The Bodie mining town stands as a monument of dilapidation, complete with roadside directions, parking, brochures, and even restrooms. The faded glory of past-fortune dreams is served up on a scrubbrush hillside platter for those willing to make the journey. 108 more words

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