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Set Foot On a Plane Again...

… just like you would get behind the wheel of your car again after hearing about an accident.

I really didn’t want to post about the Germanwings tragedy. 299 more words


Highway To Hell To Become An ‘A’ Road

Due to ever increasing traffic numbers, the Highway to Hell is to be reclassified as an A-road, and repairs will be carried out over the next few years. 153 more words

Hit Piece

Highway to Hell.pt.3

The next morning had Matthew waking up having no idea why on earth he was on the floor. The ignorance didn’t last long though. As soon as he closed his eyes, he was overwhelmed with memories he’d rather forget. 1,062 more words


Highway to Hell.pt.2

Everyone in the cafeteria was looking at him; some were whispering, some were pointing, some were texting, probably the news. The whole world slowed down around him. 807 more words


Highway to Hell. (pt.1)

(Part 1)

He was walking down the school’s hallway with his head down afraid to look up, afraid to see the disgust plainly written on their face. 538 more words


'Don't look back' said the pillar of salt - my barely literate first writings on film

Okay, they say a life unexamined is not worth living, and so it is with writing. Here I am cracking the seal on a collection of really old film reviews written in the early nineties, mainly at 3am. 1,872 more words


Setbacks to setups!

They say that life is a role-coaster…
You go up, up and up until you reach the point where the path is taking a turn and dramatically goes down. 158 more words