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I'm on a bike, going the wrong way on the highway, and everything's fine

During the middle of my five weeks in India I was fortunate enough to visit my friend Mieko who was working and living in Delhi. She, being the great host she was, offered to show me around her adopted city.   1,033 more words


We got in the van and looked at each other with half smiles.  Traveling, for us, can be complicated.  We were guardedly excited about making the four-hour trip to be in the big city for the next two days. 737 more words

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Goodbye 55

Today in History, September 20: 1995 – The US House of Representatives votes to approve the National Highway Designation Act, intended among other things to repeal the mandatory National Speed Limit of 55 MPH signed into law by President Nixon in 1974. 49 more words

हायवे - एक सेल्फी आरपार

तसं पहायला गेल्यास, तीन चार महिन्यांत एकदा तरी माझा नगर पुणे प्रवास होत असतो. त्यात मी माणूसघाणा किंवा तुटक वागणारा वगैरे प्रकारातील इसम असल्याने मी शक्यतो तरी एसटीतून, कानात हेडफोन घालून प्रवास करतो.


The Artist on the Bridge

Image: Ida Schmulowitz
Artist Ida Schmulowitz says, “I have painted landscapes outside from a pedestrian bridge overlooking a highway since 1983. I feel a very strong bond to this particular place.” 399 more words

"Clean..... Well Oiled. Not Bad For A Third World Army"

People always say “It’s not the machine it’s the one holding the bars” but come on.. That is true to some extent but no matter how good I am after riding for over a year and experiencing 3 different riding styles so far, if my bike can’t brake, can’t start, can’t hold the line when I turn, can’t grab the road because the tires are shot it won’t matter how good I am. 420 more words


Stamford woman killed in Route 15 crash

STAMFORD, Conn. (WTNH)– A Stamford woman was killed after losing control of her car and crashing into trees off of Route 15 on Sunday morning. 107 more words