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A hug is a great way to express your feelings without words.
Disney do it so right in their movies, this pic is from Hercules.


Silence is Golden


                                                                Silence is Golden

Tonight I don’t want to fight anymore, I don’t want to use words that are inconsiderate and hateful.
Tonight I don’t want to taste the bitter tears of regret I don’t want to have this feeling in the pit of my stomach like I’ve just been kicked. 225 more words


Hsinchu Indonesia Graduate Student


Kali ini aku mau cerita tentang kumpulan mahasiswa-mahasiswi Indonesia di NCTU dan NTHU. Kita menamainya dengan Hsinchu Indonesia Graduate Student. Nah, sebenarnya sih ada banyak anak Undergraduate di NCTU dan NTHU, tapi mereka punya masalah-masalah sendiri, jadinya mereka kumpul sendiri. 72 more words


The Elusive Higgs-Boson

I’ve found the Higgs-Boson! Yes it’s official. I went for a plop and there it was in the bowl floating about. It was a bit bigger and browner than the scientists thought it would be but I’m sure it’s one. 82 more words