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Outerwear Which Fits Any Outfit That You Should Have

Hello, Peeps! Welcome back to another post of mine which I made with sincere affection for your weekly preference. I think that sounds hyperbola however I will be showing you some fashion insight which I hope you would love! 255 more words


How I Styled The Beret Trend

Asalam alaikum Fashionistas,

The Parisian accessory: beret, reminds me of military officials, mime artists and choir mistresses. In all honesty this accessory has been a no no for me until it’s recent come back to the Fashion world. 213 more words


On the heels of luxury hijabs breaking into mainstream fashion news, we have the exciting news of the retailer Macy’s announcing that they will now carry modest fashion brand… 162 more words


Easy Winter Hijab Styles With Turorials

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Happy new year to all of you. I wish this year to be the most blessed one for you guys. Don’t even ask about my 2018 beginning, as I spent the very first day of new year at my Dentist’s, LOL. 529 more words

Haute Hijab Luxury Collection Celestial Silver Hijab

Salaam my lovelies! In December, I had the pleasure of meeting Melanie Elturk who is the CEO of Haute Hijab to do an in-office customer interview in New York. 764 more words


9 Reasons Why Every Muslimah Should Own A Black Abaya

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In Islam when it comes to modesty in terms of clothing, some people are of the opinion that an abaya embodies modesty for a Muslim woman because this is mainly because an abaya fufills all the conditions of the hijab and it’s traditionally worn in the Middle East where Islam originated. 481 more words


Get the best hijab fashion and Hijab style with Mariabint

In recent years, Islamic fashion has grown rapidly and has become one of the most popular and growing consumer industries – making it a captivating and lucrative global market.   248 more words

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