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??? a bit of confusion

Honestly I don’t know what to write about this week, guess I am experiencing my first writer’s block. It all started on Monday morning when I received a sad news which caused my mind to go numb. 384 more words


Tutorial: Hijab and Beanie Look

So this is an old tutorial that I uploaded earlier this year. I’m probably going to be posting more of these at some point, but I’m waiting until I have the means (including skills!) to create better videos. 43 more words

Hijab Fashion

When the 'wrapped' sweets are found rotten

The popular analogy which compares a muslim lady who covers her hair to a perfectly wrapped sweet and a non-covering lady to an exposed, rotten sweet is so wrong and unfair. 566 more words


The journey so far

Wow! Feel so good to be posting after a little break. My phone and my Tablet both broke down at the same time, so I was unable to interact with the social media world. 494 more words


Day Out

Hello world!

In a midst of college shopping me and my cousin decided to go fabric shopping and make ourselves some kimonos and abayas. Well obviously we aren’t going to sew them, my auntie will sew them for us as she is very experienced. 76 more words