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Hunting Kebaya Wisuda! Cari Bahan dan Jahit

Halo semuanya!

Mohon maaf udah lama banget ga lanjut nulis di blog ini dikarenakan kemaren-kemaren lagi sibuk skripsi sampe persiapan sidang. Alhamdulillahnya sekarang sudah lulus dan berhasil menyandang titel S.Kom hehehe. 1,090 more words


The High Stakes of Hijab Protests in Iran

From Axios:

About 30 women have been arrested in Iran as a result of hijab protests that began in December when one woman, Vida Movahed, silently waved her hijab in the air for an hour atop a utility box on the crowded Enghelab Street in Tehran.

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Iran women are weaving white scarves on protest against compulsory Hijab

హిజబ్‌కి వ్యతిరేకంగా అలా పోరాడుతున్నారు..!

హిజబ్.. ముస్లిం మహిళలు తల నుంచి కాళ్ల వరకూ ఏ శరీర భాగమూ బయటకు కనిపించకుండా కవర్ చేసుకునే పద్ధతి ఇది..continue

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Let her fly

Please don’t cut her wings,

Let her enjoy the success springs…

Let her fly a little high,

Don’t made her life a sigh…

Don’t let her soul freeze, 226 more words


Islamisering på Meny Stovner (Norwegian: Islamization at Meny Stovner, a local grocery store in Oslo, Norway)

During Friday afternoon, I visited a local grocery store, and I was shocked by the Islamization going on at the check-out in the store. This made me write an article and send it to the Norwegian alternative media site Resett.no. 150 more words

The Feminist Heroes of Iran

The power of social media is immense.

In Iran, protests erupted at the end of 2017. With increased food and gas prices, citizens were not happy with the state of Iran’s economy. 344 more words