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Growing Apart

So this year my holiday break has been just over four weeks and I’m starting the spring semester tomorrow. For most of my break, I stayed at my parents house in Wisconsin and it was really nice to see my family, but around January first things started to get boring fast. 748 more words



Shoes, scarves, rings, and tops/blouses. These are all things that I tend to buy a lot of. Oh, and purses! My husband thinks that’s basically my whole closet, but you guys really know that’s like half so it’s not so bad… 487 more words

Hijab - Inner Swarovski

"Inner Swarozski" by Danisha Hijab
Inner kerut dengan aplikasi di jahit dengan swarovski, Cantik dan Mewah

3 Pcs : Rp. 75,000
(stock warna tergantung persediaan)

I am a feminist Muslim

Afrida Hussain explains how wearing a hijab can be an empowering choice.

It’s empowering, it really is (as cliché as it might sound). Choosing to follow Islam and to wear the hijab was a decision I made six years ago. 599 more words

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