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Smile, it's Sunnah :)

For about 13 years now, I have been living in the same suburb…
I’ve grown up here and during this time I have also watched our suburb grow. 310 more words


Best Sunnah Clothing Online Shops I've Come Across

Lets talk about shopping shall we? Yayeeee!

An Instagram post have inspired me to make this blog post so hopefully I can help sisters find proper Muslimah apparels which is accordance to the Qur’an and Sunnah. 606 more words


you can never know

I don’t think that women can be protected  from anything by wearing hijab or discomfort clothes , hijab or long clothes can not hide anything those days… as we all know that a lot of girls do hjab to get ready for marriage , some put hijab just to look good in the  eyes of society while Mohajabat don’t respect that,  i made a real sight to what hijab is what is really about without mention that hijab now day have lost all the perspective  we can ever imagine indeed ,now hijab become a modesty and style ….. 22 more words

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Three modest outfits for muslimahs

I am in no way an expert in dressing modestly but, there are many different ways which you can dress in a modest manner. Whether you are a hijabi or not, you can always dress modestly, yet look fashionable. 58 more words


The Modest Muslimah and Her Hijab: A Book Review

Nisaar Nadiadwala is one of those individuals who closely witnessed the glamorous and delusional life of this world and concluded that this can’t be it! Having his family roots in Bollywood it is only the love and care of Allah (swt) that somewhere in 1990’s he grew closer to Islam and gave up his former lifestyle. 902 more words


The hijab and culture

Religion is a belief system which people base and devote their lives to a higher being.

Culture is ideas, customs, and social behaviour of a set group of people. 589 more words


Kaleidoscope dUCk

I have this new obsession.

Well….a disease,maybe!

I cannot stop myself from buying hijiabs (headscarves).

it’s like I bought something new every week! EEKKK!

Recently, I’m into this brand known as dUCk. 320 more words

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