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INVINCIBLE whilst losing my religion. 

Can still rock a hijab!

This month marked 1 year since I removed my scarf. I might no longer practice, but I am eternally grateful for the self empowerment garnered from my two years spent in my hijab. 336 more words

Jelang Idul fitri, Sekda Bandung Barat desain Hijab Motif Oncom

BANDUNG BARAT, FOKUSJabar.com : Menjelang Ramadhan dan Idul Fitri nanti, Sekretaris Daerah (Sekda) Kabupaten Bandung Barat (KBB) Maman S Sunjaya berencana mendesain rancangan baju muslim bernuansa budaya lokal. 10 more words

Day Two: Finding My Stride

Recently I have become a little obsessed with my body. To be more specific, I am obsessed with my health. In college, I was close with a staff member who went on Hajj twice during the course of my studies. 974 more words


Modesty, Comfort, Elegance and Breastfeeding with Tasnim Collections

The beautiful weather is back, Ramadan is coming very soon inshaAllah and I do believe that adequate clothing is a necessity. I leave and breathe abayas. 245 more words


Summer Vibezz

Being someone who never used to buy pink colored clothes I must say this is the best decision I have ever made. PINK is so “IN” right now. 120 more words


letters to our daughters

10:01 PM. New York City | Stand clear of the closing doors please. With a leap, I slip through the subway car doors just before they close, grabbing on to the nearest pole for balance. 2,596 more words


How big a deal is “Modest Fashion”?

Southeast Asia, a region where Islam is the most widely practiced religion, is a pioneer hub for the growth of Modest Fashion. 2017 is the first year that Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore will hold International… 659 more words