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How big a deal is “Modest Fashion”?

Southeast Asia, a region where Islam is the most widely practiced religion, is a pioneer hub for the growth of Modest Fashion. 2017 is the first year that Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore will hold International… 659 more words



I’m a shopaholic, no doubt about it but hey, it’s better to acknowledge your faults than to live in denial lol.

I mean I struggle to go into a shop and come out empty handed, especially when it comes to kid’s clothes. 338 more words


The Hijab 

The day I decided to wear the hijab full time was probably the worst day to begin. I had been Muslim for about 3 years now, completed college and started my first job as a personal trainer. 308 more words


People around me

Lately I got asked a lot what were my experiences after the new president came.
Well in this post I’m going to tell you what I’ve been through. 553 more words


The Struggle...

The struggle of being 6 months pregnant, as summer approaches, while trying to dress appropriately but still “cute”. Everything makes me look like the house I am lbs… (laughing but serious) I could literally complain aaall day but I try to not be so negative.. 28 more words

Muslim women

Muslim women are not like non-believing women and should act as Islamic models for all who may see. women are not restricted from moving about the community, working or visiting if they are properly covered and if necessary, escorted, but a women’s base should be her home. 203 more words

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consider whom you befriend

The different types of friends and which one to choose
Firstly: The one who befriends you for some worldly interest.
He is the one who befriends you for as long as he can benefit from you by way of money, status or other than that. 384 more words

Ketikan Jemariku