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Back to work


Ladies, many of you would be able to relate to that nervous, anxiety that comes the day before you start a new job. The anxiety that can be summed up in one question: What do I wear? 320 more words

New Job

My Hijab Story (Part One)

Many people associate Islam with a single garment – the Hijab. Many Muslim women wear the hijab (and many don’t), but it isn’t the only… 1,492 more words


Muslim, Hijabi and Anorexic

“I was admitted at 31kg,” Aneesa begins.

On a display cabinet in her living room is a graduation photograph of Aneesa when she obtained her MBBS medical degree. 911 more words


The Hercules Caves - Tangier

Salam lovelies! Another travelpost for you but this time it’s not about the beach. After we had enjoyed the beach for a couple of days and just chilled, we decided to go to Tangier, a city next to Tetouan. 102 more words


Mirror Mirror...Coat Edition - October 10 Vol II

Top – Zara          Coat – Zara

Top – Bershka          Coatigan – Mango


Vanity Planet - Spin for Perfect Skin

Haiya Glamys!

As you step into your thirties you definitely look for products that help you look younger, remove your aging signs or if not remove at least help you reduce them. 1,278 more words

Dubai Blogger

What Is Bomb Hijabis?

Bomb Hijabis is a community on snapchat where all muslim sisters feature for 24 hours and get to know others culture, traditions, and more. Only women are allowed to watch and feature on Bomb Hijabis. 105 more words