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Walking with wolves - a trip to the Balkans

Lukomir Village

While planning this year’s summer holiday, we found ourselves staring at a map of Europe, looking for a place that was within driving distance, was near to some beaches (this was a vacation, after all) and had mountains suitable for hiking which were preferably not too crowded. 3,209 more words


The last oak forest of Dalmatia

When one thinks of Dalmatia, oak forest is probably not the first association. One can think of rocky landscapes, low bushes and shrubs or lush pine tree forests. 443 more words


Winter wanderings - Nunic in Bukovica

Winter is not the best time for exploring and winter walks. The weather has been rainy and fairly cold (folks from Canada, please do not laugh at our cold) but that should not stop anyone from at least a stroll by the sea or an easy hike. 683 more words


Winter visit to Plitvice Lakes

Winter is not my favorite season. However, it is still a nice time to travel and to explore. As I have been seeing pictures, and hearing a lot about frozen Plitvice waterfalls for years now, I have decided to make a winter visit to the park. 455 more words

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Vrdovo plateau and Vodena peća cave

I have never been to Vrdovo before. This part of hinterland I am not very familiar with and I am enjoying every opportunity to explore it. 567 more words


Bulls and wells of Svilaja

The weather this October was truly beautiful with mild temperatures and lots of sunshine. One day we decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather and visit a fairly remote place in the heart of Zagora- Svilaja mountain is one of the iconic mountains of Dalmatian hinterland but I visited only few times. 842 more words


Sv. Jure of Biokovo

Makarska and its riviera are rarely on my radar. We have no guests ever going there and I find other areas far more interesting. However, it is quite a lovely seaside town with nice beaches located just bellow the impressive Biokovo mountain. 515 more words