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Upcoming trip to Central America

Packing my bag and heading off to Central America in 2 days. It’ll be a 5 week trip taking in the joys of Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Belize and Mexico. 28 more words


A Snowy Picture

Now, I could totally be dating myself here, but does anyone else out there remember the televisions with knobs? If so, you know that sometimes you could be sitting on the floor, watching Punky Brewster and then due to some craziness, some bit of unexpected stupidity, the picture would get covered with static and interrupt Punky and Cherry in the clubhouse and you’d fiddle with the knobs until the picture came back in clear. 518 more words

2015 - The Year for Travel

2015 started out with the pop of a champagne bottle and out with that champagne came the beginning of many travels for myself. With the dawn of the new year, I was already set to embark on a trip to the midwest, Nashville to be exact, with the girl who I consider to be my one and only travel partner. 299 more words


East to West

I’m a New England Native, haling from good ole Boston, but for the next couple of months I’ll be living in Los Angeles California. I’m learning about and exploring the mountains out here and have realized how different they are. 215 more words