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The New Meaning of All Inclusive

We sat around the campfire, waiting for our veggie kabobs to fully cook, as we watched the sunset bathe the Sawtooths in a pink hue. The clouds this evening appear to be light blue and pink puffs of cotton candy floating high above us, scraping the sharp mountain tops. 638 more words


Are you sure it's July?!

I looked down, noticing the color of my toes changing from bright red to white. ‘Maybe Chacos weren’t the best choice’ I said to my husband/ hiking-guide-for-the-day, who quickly replied, ‘my toes are very happy with my decision’. 634 more words


Snow Fed Waterfalls

As I hiked, I pondered how many hours I had spent on this trail over the past seven years. Had I been fully present and aware of my surroundings on each journey? 273 more words


I can't look for bigfoot cos I'm colorblind

It’s a sad sad fact but there you go, can’t do it. The problem is I could go out into the woods and look, because we have Bigfoot in England apparently. 373 more words


We're About Half-Way There

My mom is in town so my sister put together a ton of activities for us all to do together. Anyway, this weekend we decided to hike to the Darby Wind Caves. 132 more words


Chuck Norrish: Getaway Like A Boss

After debating if I was up to snuff for going downhill mountain biking we decided to take it easy and go hiking up Upper Suicide also known as Norrish Creek in Mission BC. 325 more words


"Damn the mosquitoes, both feet ahead!"

With great apologies to Rear Admiral David Farragut for appropriating his line (which he probably never uttered anyway), I took my own advice from… 2,081 more words