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He loves this new toy, and I want it to use as a reward during and after training. Because he didnt already have enough toys :p… 111 more words


Have We Lost Our Touch With Nature?

With the rise in technology and the growing trend of social media popularity, people are going outdoors less and less. A life enhanced by tech and science is pushed as the ideal – for example, in sci-fi films where everything is connected to the net  (Ghost in the Shell springs to mind) and the existence of AI’s. 1,230 more words


trip report: Cusco region in Peru, June 2016

If you were to ask avid hikers and travelers, Peru is commonly cited among the best hiking regions in the world. With Machu Picchu hiding among the peaks in the region, it has also become some of the most visited and most pictured. 8,722 more words

Trip Report

Into the Wild West

Exploring Calgary and Edmonton

Darren’s truck is humming along the motorway as the sun is standing high up in the sky. We’ve just left the skyscrapers of downtown Calgary behind and I am about to get out into the Rocky Mountains for the first time in my life. 1,703 more words


Mr Prickle Pants

I watched his tiny paws as he waddled past us, he had just been transfixed with my husbands toes!!  

We had been watching this little fellow as he went about his business.   304 more words


Crossing the Alps South. Berchtesgaden - Maria Alm 

​Day 3. Next morning it is difficult to get up. Tired, stiff, but with lots of plans for today I force myself up. The first part is an easy stroll along the Königsberger Ache (a small river) to the lake Königssee. 745 more words


Labyrinth in the Desert

The desert west of town is a lonely expanse of volcanic fissures, sage, and shotgun shells. My wife Avery and I ventured out here to walk the labyrinth, a piece of land art designed by Scott Samuelson, her former professor. 493 more words