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GTA - Onsen in Italy

21 August 2019

After a pleasant 6 hour hike I arrived in Strepeis.

Just down the road is a closed thermal centre, Bagni de Vinadio. 34 more words


Cocos finale, pirate lore and treasure (Isla Del Coco #4) | Sailing Zingaro - Ep. 53

Here’s the last installation of our Isla Del Cocos series.

We try to discover the secret of the Treasure of Lima! Come hike up to the top of the island, listen to pirate lore, see some of the most amazing sights of this island paradise: Isla Del Coco, Costa Rica. 76 more words


From Mountain to Bed

Life can be oh so tiring for Moby. Morning hikes are best followed by nap time on a comfy bed with a special wraparound pillow. Moby’s living it up!!

5 Days to Walk to The Lost City and back again. La Ciudad Perdida

I had 2 weeks between landing in Colombia and commencing my next “Workaway” project to explore the beauties of Colombia. I searched the internet for various tit bits of inspiration, I knew I was going South-West from Bogota, so going east appealed. 1,301 more words



After we left Le Pontet, it was a long, long way all uphill. The Teenager was briefly impressed when we passed a big pile of stones to mark where someone had keeled over and died. 1,114 more words

10 of the Best Hikes in the World

Although hiking is fulfilling for many reasons, there’s no denying that it’s always better when the scenery is spectacular. These ten hikes are some of the world’s most scenic and best hikes in the world… 6 more words


Throup Road Park

Throup Road Park is in the seaside community of Sooke, one of thirteen communities that form the Capital Regional District of British Columbia. This three hectare parkland borders along the SEAPARC bike park and baseball diamond. 181 more words