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"What Are You Going to do in Whitehorse?!"

Within 40 days I had thought, packed and moved to Whitehorse, YT from Gravenhurst, ON. It took 6 days, and approximately 600 mental meltdowns. No biggie, hey? 471 more words


Picturesque Phobjikha

At about 3000 masl, Phobjikha Valley is both the highest and prettiest of the four valleys I visited in Bhutan. 634 more words


Grand Canyon and Vegas-Sunrises and Jumping Chain Link Fences

This post is slightly delayed due to my recent bout with food poisoning.  My word of advice in this post-DO NOT CHICKEN FROM WAL-MART.  My memory may not be quit as clear about the trip, but I’ll do my best to recall the highlights. 3,059 more words

Backpacking Cumberland Island: Trip Overview

Cumberland Island is a barrier island off of the coast of Georgia.  Its probably best known for being one of the few places you can go camping with wild horses. 565 more words


Review: SIGG Water Bottles & Flasks.

*I bought this product with my own money.
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473 more words


Location: Sumner Lake State Park, Fort Sumner, New Mexico.  Park Map.

Not a whiff of wind which made the lake as smooth as glass. 717 more words

New Mexico

With trepidation but no tears

Unlike my last trip into the Grand Canyon ten years ago, I shed no tears and Tim never had to carry my pack. My fears have diminished a bit, since we moved to the mountains but I still hate a slippery slope.   575 more words