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Baden Baden, Germany

With great events we map our histories/ but on little moments we trace our lives.


Be prepared for sunrise splendor at Cumberland Gap National...

Be prepared for sunrise splendor at Cumberland Gap National Historical Park. It’s a thrill watching the sun paint the sky from the park’s Pinnacle Overlook. Here you have views of Kentucky, Virginia and Tennessee. 28 more words


30 Days To The End Of The Earth: Week 4

The last week saw an influx of pilgrims eager to hike the final 100 kilometers of the camino necessary for their Compostella certificates. The path for a couple of days was crowded with new faces and fresh equipment. 246 more words


Liberty Cap and Half Dome

View of Liberty Cap and Half Dome (from the back), hiking up the Mist Trail in Yosemite. The trail passes Vernal falls, a beautiful waterfall close to the trail that causes the granite steps to become slippery with the overspray and mist from the fall. 35 more words


30 Days To The End Of The Earth: Week 3

It wasn’t so easy to trust the body over the mind. Some of us had disconcerting pains, throbs that became inflammation that became limping. Some injuries could only heal with rest, though pride tried to convince us otherwise. 374 more words


Best Camping Hammock 2017

Best Camping Hammock 2017  Ⅰ

Material: 210T Parachute Nylon.

Size: Approx 260 x 140cm.

Weight capacity: 80 – 300kg.

Durable, colorful and portable.

Easy to setup even you are newbies. 181 more words


30 Days To The End Of The Earth: Week 2

The body pains transformed into a familiar and manageable throb by the end of the first week. Our minds felt clearer. We didn’t need the constant distraction of a destination or stories from our fellow pilgrims, though they still helped. 130 more words