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White trillium

Spring is a great time for botanists because many plants on the forest floor bloom early in the season before the leaves are out and the canopy closes. 64 more words


How to Make the Most of Time Off

When I started this blog, I was working in a library and writing roughly once a week for The Arkansas Times.  Then, I moved to Texas to teach high school English, and understandably was missing the key qualification of writing for or about life in Arkansas.  730 more words

A cool project to help me get my Zzzzzzzzzz's

I don’t know about you…but, I have always had a hard time sleeping when I am backpacking. I think a lot has to do with my “pillow.” I’ve tried various combinations of gear stuffed into my stuff sack…with very poor results. 48 more words


Let's Take a Hike

…..while sitting on your computer.

My first reaction when I saw this was “HOLY COW! This is so cool.” And it is, but we are quickly moving towards a world where your devices are all that matter, losing face-to-face contact and experiencing things around us all through a screen. 170 more words


The Narrows (A morning jaunt with my thoughts)

Early morning yesterday, I got the chance to take a long awaited run along the narrows beach. Gorgeous setting ontop of it already drizzling rain, it provided a nice quiet reflection time as I padded along the beach head. 219 more words

New Zealand - March 10th

Monday, March 10th, 2014

There is such color here.. green hills, blue sky, turquoise water, brown sand, black rocks, yellow flowers, white butterflies.

I drove over river bridges that had no sides or guard rails, and road signs foretold inescapable doom: “Road Narrows”, “!”, “Dangerous curves ahead” and finally, “Road no longer maintained beyond this point”. 142 more words