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Day 15- Ribadiso to O'Pedrouzo

Give me my scallop-shell of quiet,

My Staff of faith to walk upon,

My scrip of joy, immortal diet,

My bottle of salvation,

My gown of glory, hope’s true gage;

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Who Knew Sleeping Bear Dunes Would be Like a Walk Through the Desert

I’ve lived in Michigan for 27 years, the entirety of my life, and I have never been to Mackinaw Island. I’ve also never traveled farther north than Traverse City. 756 more words

Adventure to the Japanese Alps

From when I locked the front door of my apartment behind me, to when I returned back home, was roughly a massive 17 hours!! What an insane adventure Saturday was. 867 more words

Trips Outside Of Tokyo

Hiking up Mount Rigi, Switzerland

Autumn is setting in, infusing shades of red and yellow into the greens, and the misty smell of dried leaves in the air. On a warm enough day at this time, it is a privilege to be in the midst of nature. 306 more words

Travel Tales

Vista Ridge Trail

Lakeland Hills in Auburn, Washington has a two and a half mile hiking trail, called Vista Ridge Trail, that cuts through a woodsy area, recent home developments, and past a couple parks. 50 more words


6 Mid-Autumn Day Miracles

Throughout history people around the world have celebrated the harvest. For the Chinese the celebration happens during a full moon. This year it was on September 27th. 545 more words


"Slip Into the Autumn Shade..."

Even though I’ve had to gradually add more and more layers to my wardrobe over the past couple of days because the mornings and evenings have been particular chilly- I have been having the absolute best time outdoors with friends hiking through the woods and past old cemeteries, as well as driving down leaf-lined back roads to farm stands and pumpkin patches. 340 more words