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A night away from ‘life’

Trekking up 3000 ft to Kohoj Fort by torchlight

The Kohoj Fort  (not Khoj fort, like I kept saying till someone

was kind enough to correct me) towers over the tiny village of Vagothe, a hundred or so kilometres from Mumbai. 930 more words


Finally a day with the boo thang

After many weeks slash months of me nagging and bitching at John to leave the house and do something with me, I finally succeeded. I downloaded the AllTrails app and picked the first trail that was featured, which was Little Grand Canyon in Southern Illinois. 362 more words

Monday for the Mavericks #3

Maaan, did you have a good weekend? I had a good weekend. I spent it reconnecting with my best friend Angela and a cousin I haven’t seen in 3 years. 345 more words


learning to be fearless.

I am not what you would call “outdoorsy”. I like being outside, going for walks around the park, sitting by the waterfront with my book. But I’m not “outdoorsy”. 1,076 more words


Pogonip Hiking Trails

Adventure day! Went off campus for the first time in weeeeks (well, maybe like 3 days) and hiked the trails at Pogonip! Here are the images I shot that day. 40 more words


5 Reasons To Try Hiking Off The Beaten Path

5. Sweet freedom! Whatever hijinks, tribulations or vistas you experience, you can rest assured that you chose the path to get there.

4. Ankle-strengthing. Sure, there’s boggy bogs and mucky muck, but rocking the tussocks and uneven rocky terrain, you’ll be strengthening those toothpicks you call ankles. 71 more words


This walk is growing inside the forest of my bones. Colin and I, Bear and Beaver, will walk with our feet and legs and everything from the Bridge of the Gods, Oregon, down the Pacific Crest trail to California. 435 more words