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Coastal Trail Note

Back to nature

Hiking by the remains of an old chimney, one of the last standing structures of an industrial complex, the old red clay bricks are still in place, grass and plants are slowly finding spots to grow between them, small animals finds shelter for the tough winters and strong coastal storms… It’s an old industrial complex that slowly returns home to nature… 22 more words


Watercolors of stones on the beach

Watercolors 25 May 2013

Windy day,  painting small stones in watercolors, and walking along a sandy beach after working with illustrations all morning

The layers took long to dry so I had plenty of time to look out over the waves, here is the final watercolor: 33 more words


Hiking: Morning on the sacred rocks, Bornholm coast trail

Out hiking again on Bornholm, in the Baltic Sea. Now on the “Sacred Rocks.” North-East side. Packed down my tent and arrived here on these ancient (+1 billion years) old granite rocks early in the morning. 122 more words


Watercolor people, my paintings 8 june 2012

Short walk today and rainy,  still managed to get a few people down on my watercolor pad:

All watercolors made by me Frits Ahlefeldt on the streets today 32 more words


Watercolor people 7 june 2012

Here are some of the watercolors of people I did on the street today:

Here are a few more: 70 more words


Watercolors. Back on Bornholm coast trail

Right now I am back out hiking in fast changing weather, on the small island, Bornholm, in the Baltic Sea. Between Russia, Sweden, Poland, Germany and Denmark. 74 more words


Bornholm watercolors Hike South Coast May 2012

My rough watercolor impressions of the Landscape on the South Coast of Bornholm on a two days Hike along the Coast Trail facing the Baltic Sea… 422 more words