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American Exceptionalism.

(This post already appeared on The Book of Face and, because I have been beaten down and crushed and otherwise rendered unresponsive while trying to control my various relationships between this site and that one, not to mention Twitter Tweeting, it likely is doing so a second or, in the later case, third time. 219 more words

America The Beautiful

Okay, send the kids out of the room. This isn't safe for work, home or anyplace that is suppose to be safe, but it is otherwise perfect.

I had never seen this before until the invaluable Mike Peterson posted it at his Comic Strip of the Day site this morning. And now I just want to listen to it over and over again…

Hilarious Hilarity

A site which features the kinds of things you like if you happen to like those kinds of things.

Some good cartoon commentary¬† at The Nib (a site you should have bookmarked if you don’t already) at the moment. I especially recommend the two Thanksgiving items and the Walmart one.

Hilarious Hilarity

I was there when the Eagles fans booed Santa Claus and ten years later for the Miracle in the Meadowlands.

I doubt there are many people around who can make the above statement. Well, anyone could make it, I guess, but not necessarily truthfully. I can and as this is the 45th and 35th anniversary of both historic moments, it’s a fitting time to tell the tale, such as it is. 410 more words


A funny, and true, story.

The person who cuts my hair on those occasions when I have looked into the mirror and been moved to do something about the condition of me is a young woman named… 296 more words


"To me, it looks like a Romney landslide."

Okay, that headline, even though it does reflect the content below, basically was designed to induce a “WTF?” and draw you in. I have something I really needs must share with you few, you brave, you guys who wandered in here thinking it was a nutrition site. 231 more words

I Could Not Make This Stuff Up

Wherein we attempt to be fair and balanced.

I have done so many mean and nasty posts about The Robot Who Would Be President in this space that it seems only right that I offer something from a different perspective and in the candidate’s own words to boot… 55 more words