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Iron Cross

Symbols used for military
honor are re-imagined for
motorcycle enthusiasts.
Turn around.  The
Iron Cross is everywhere.
But is it all-inclusive?
History says no.
God says yes. 17 more words

Hilary Clark

Iron (Hot Cross Eight)

I took a short break from the studio over the Christmas holidays, but as soon as we rolled into 2017, I was right back at my Hot Cross series with Iron Cross. 320 more words

Hilary Clark

Coptic (Hot Cross Seven)

When I was out visiting my parents last February, I took some of my art with me so they could see the pieces in real life, including several of the crosses from my Hot Cross series.  278 more words

Hilary Clark


The Coptic crosses hang,
mounted on green
velvet, within a golden
frame.  A gift from
Ethiopia, presented
fifty years ago.

The brass has

The meaning has not. 11 more words

Hilary Clark

Celtic (Hot Cross Six)

The Hot Cross series continues with Celtic, the sixth in the group.  I’m not going to present any false modesty with this piece — I’m in love with it.  106 more words

Hilary Clark


The gods dance
in never-ending circles
of spirit,
silver tendrils pin-wheeling out to
kiss the universe.
Air and fire wrap the
holy in warmth and… 36 more words

Hilary Clark

Criss Cross (Hot Cross Five)

I finally returned to my Hot Cross series!  It was so pleasant to create art for myself rather than with the intention of creating for a specific exhibit. 125 more words

Hilary Clark