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Clinton Foundation stiffs Globins in need of Relief

Here we go again. First it was Haiti, now it’s the Goblin Kingdom. The fall of the Globin kingdom due to internal strife has left goblin citizens in dire straits. 64 more words


I Dreamt I was sitting around a Kitchen Table with Presidents Trump, Obama and the Clintons

Last night, I dreamt I was sitting around a kitchen table with Presidents Trump, Obama and the Clintons. I don’t remember ever dreaming about American Presidents before, Trump has been in the news constantly in recent weeks, I also recently caught on YouTube Graham Norton’s interview of Hilary Clinton  … 238 more words

The 'alt-right'? Get with it... that was last year's moral panic!

The ‘alt-right‘… a vague catch phrase fashionable among Millennial alternative-media types for years… latched onto by the Clinton campaign and their puppets at CNN… 82 more words


When You Think Liberalism Hit Its Peak But There's More Beyond The Horizon

The U.S. Presidential election of 2016 gave us the “choice” between openly oppressive on the right and systemically oppressive on the American’s version of the left. 755 more words

Brother Ajamu Speaks: The Normalisation of Craziness

What do we do when craziness is “normal?” Yes… the inmates are running the asylum… in both the Repugs and Dems… may the good God preserve us! 106 more words



According to a U.S. official briefed on the matter, federal authorities, led by the Little Rock Arkansas field office, is investigating allegations of corruption related to the Clinton Foundation. 186 more words


Just a small group of Americans consume fake news, according to a new study

“Fake news”—a term oft used by US president Donald Trump—was Collins dictionary’s word of the year for 2017. The phrase has become so inescapable that it is widely seen as having contributed to a deepening  408 more words