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Death and Demise of American Liberalism

The Dems slunk away from their New Deal legacy to follow Wall Street greedsters and K Street grifters… they suffered the consequences. Shall they learn? God alone knows… it’s time to “go back to the future”… 1,190 more words


Towards understanding Trump Through Semiology, PSYOP & Killbird

President Donald J. Trump is not great orator like Barack Obama was but he is a master strategist and human behavior guru. He perfected the use of symbols rather than words, the use of diversion rather than defense, and use of deception rather than dialogue. 769 more words
Donald J. Trump

Vote Comedy 2020--How Comedy Has Made A Political Impact

Regardless of who you are voting for I’m sure we can all cast a vote for comedy and how cynical yet hilarious comedians are during election time. 239 more words


Starbucks contradicts own social views with sexism in the Middle East

Well, once again we see a story that the mainstream media won’t touch due to the fact it isn’t pushing its anti-trump narrative any further. Sadly, as I look through google none of the mainstream outlets even laid a finger on this story. 498 more words


Symbolic seduction: Women’s rights, partisan politics, ethnocentrism and “American narcissism”

By Edward Curtin

Global Research, February 03, 2017

In 1929, Edward Bernays, Sigmund Freud’s nephew, U.S./CIA war and coup propagandist, and the founder of public relations, conducted a successful mind-manipulation experiment for the tobacco industry.  1,389 more words

The Mass Murder That Hits Every American Nerve

Forty-nine people have died and 53 more are wounded following the largest mass shooting in modern American history, which happened Sunday morning between 2-5AM EST. 1,034 more words

Make America White Again

Două săptămâni de când Donald Trump a intrat oficial în funcția de președinte al Statelor Unite ale Americii, iar oamenii încă se revoltă.  În alegerile prezidențiale care au scuturat lumea și au dat cu piciorul în logica populației planetei, Trump a făcut ceea ce milioane au crezut incredibil: a fost ales președinte al SUA. 533 more words