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Has Clinton Finally Broken Cover?

Anyone who watched Hilary Clinton’s 11 hours of testimony to the House Select Committee on the attack of the American Embassy in Benghazi, must admit, Hilary stonewalled beautifully.   1,202 more words


Primary Priority


As we all know it is campaign season for the next President of the United States. Anyone who has paid this any mind has seen the debates. 213 more words


22 November 2015. Hillary AGREED to It!


When someone shows you who they are, believe them.

Maya Angelou

The dominance of our government by the wealthy élite did not begin with George W Bush. 354 more words


22 November 2015. Why is Wall Street Bankrolling Chilly Hilly?

Bernie’s campaign is starting to punch back at Chilly Hilly. Good on them! You tried being polite and decent… you got the Italian Stallion up the ass without Vaseline in response. 177 more words


No Makin Fun of Hillery!!

That guy who dose this blogg he is so stopid, he gone out and left this hear link ( http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3324857/Not-laughing-matter-Hillary-Clinton-campaign-demands-comedy-club-takes-video-mocking-owner-claims.html ).

Can yiu beleave it??? Lookit thos dirty comedients makin fun of Hillery and teling jolks about her, and this dum guy Lee he was going to complane becose thay thretened the comedy club and tole the onwer they put him out of busness if he dont get rid of this vidio with the Hillery jolks. 231 more words

Just For Fun

Fascism, Communism or Socialism: Pick Your Poison

I have come under criticism recently for using the term “fascism”.  The reasons for the criticism is wrong, but the criticism itself is worthy of consideration. 268 more words

Clinton: Troops in Syria would be "mistake" even if U.S. suffers Paris-like attack

NEW YORK — Hillary Clinton said on Thursday that it’s time to “begin a new phase” in the American effort to defeat the Islamic State with “more allied planes” and “more strikes” on terrorist enclaves in Syria and Iraq. 666 more words