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Michael Moore’s Morning After To-Do List

THIS is why so many didn’t want to vote. The major parties gave us two substandard candidates… I can’t blame those who refused to vote for such… 634 more words


5 of the Best Feminist Moments of 2016

2016 was an incredible year. Many amazing women shone in their own special and unique way and proved that they were true feminists. Feminists support feminism, which is the public support of women’s rights on the ground of equality of the genders. 451 more words


President Trump shakes hand with Hillary Clinton for attending his inauguration ... See Video Clip

Hillary Clinton put on a brave face during the inauguration of Donald Trump, but the mask slipped, and many noticed the former presidential candidate looked upset. 87 more words

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Trump Isn't the First Psychopath in the Oval Office (and He Probably Won't Be the Last)

Today is January 20th, 2017. The first day of Donald Trump’s presidency and for most, the first day of the end of the world. We’ve constantly seen him belittle others on Twitter, condone sexual assault, and exert such grandiose assertions about multiple things (having the most diverse cabinet, bringing back jobs that have nothing to do with his position, and declaring himself so charming, that Mexico will listen to him to build a wall costing billions for no good reason, to name a few instances) that it is no wonder most label the “politician” as a psychopath. 837 more words

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Hilary Clinton Attending Trump's Inauguration...

Hillary Clinton’s presence will be the subject of great interest as Donald Trump takes the presidential oath of office on Friday at the Capitol.

It is believed that watchful cameras are set to catch any reflexive moment of pain or frustration on Clinton’s face as she watches a man whom she plainly disdains, sworn into the nation’s highest office — a job she had been favored to win. 733 more words

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How Barack Obama Paved the Way for Donald Trump


To celebrate its 225th anniversary, the US Mint and Treasury last week unveiled plans to issue a 24-carat commemorative coin depicting Lady Liberty as an African-American woman. 1,250 more words