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The Clinton Grotesque

Bloomberg News posted a rather disingenuous editorial comparing Bill Clinton to Donald Trump, the idea being that Trump is simply presenting a grotesque version of the Clinton presidency. 2,356 more words




I’m not a right wing person, despite how I might sound like at times.

I’d never vote Conservative, never have and never will. Also if I lived in America and was eligible to vote of never vote Republican. 450 more words

I Believe Hilary Clinton

I believed Hilary Clinton when she said “They were never going to let me be President,” as a response to her unexpected loss to Donald Trump in the 2016 Presidential elections. 215 more words


Overreach and Progressive Stamina

I’m going to say something that might seem counterintuitive.  It may also seem like I’m swiping at your political beliefs (regardless of what they are).  I’m not going to get into the pros and cons of conservatism, liberalism, or progressivism as we tend to imagine them.  264 more words


A Reasoned Examination of Recent FBI Conduct

Written by a former Federal Prosecutor. In a world where accusations of bias are screamed, it is nice to see someone lay out the facts calmly. 102 more words


Masked Comedians Of Discordia and the QAnon Phenomenon

By now, if you are American, and spend a lot of time on the interwebs, you will be asking yourself, as I have, is the… 407 more words

Operation Mindfuck

9 April 2018. What’s Really Behind All the Shouting Headlines?

The Donetsk Airport… the site of an American defeat in 2015. You didn’t hear about it in the news? They didn’t report it! It made their bosses look bad. 300 more words