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A cold wind blowing through New Hampshire







What could be better for a politics nerd than spending a few days in the cold and snow of New Hampshire following wannabe Presidents of the United States? 1,329 more words


A bad 2 weeks to be a woman

Over the past few weeks there seems to be yet another warning for women whenever you turn around. Although the intention is good, the messages seem to have been delivered without much thought to contemporary women and the other side of the equation….. 428 more words

Why Hillary Clinton Embodies Hypocrisy and Dishonesty

She’s experienced, she’s a policy wonk, she’s a grandmother, all over the place we have been hearing different reasons why Hillary would make an excellent president. 819 more words


Fuccbois, White Privilege, and Watson for President: Today's Recommended Reading

Here at Flavorwire, we pride ourselves on not only writing some of the best content on the Internet, but keeping an eye on all of the great writing that other folks on the ‘Net are doing, too. 451 more words

Pop Culture

Off topic, to make a point about Clinton

To the young female feminists who are complaining about Gloria Steinem chastising them: if you think that you’ve never compromised on anything about feminism in your entire life you’re lying, at the very least to yourself, as well as everybody else. 146 more words

Meaning Of Life

Puzzle Solutions

Yesterday our friend Carrie sent over some photos of her puzzles inside her puzzle room.

A couple of observations:

  1. She has a puzzle room.
  2. She has lots of cool puzzles.
  3. 258 more words
The Boat

Submissives In Your GPS -- Or As Long As We're Talking About Hilary's Campaign

Reading Ann Laurie’s post  over at Balloon Juice reminded me of the obvious: being aware of the experience of others takes constant effort.  And, (a… 386 more words