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The Third Letter Directed at Mrs. Hilary Clinton


It’s me again.  Sorry I still haven’t formerly introduced myself, so for now will go with my statistical and political demographic say.

I’m going to jump back on that band wagon about the fact that you are running for president.   864 more words

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Happy Reading: July! 

I have made it a goal to read every night before bed. I always feel better ending my day with a book in my hands, instead of my phone or iPad, so I’ve got myself a stack of books (both virtual and paper) next to my bed. 615 more words


Say 'No' to Clinton '16

People are saying Bernie Sanders is too old to be president. Well what about Hilary Clinton? She will be 69 when the next president is sworn in, a few years younger than Sanders. 157 more words


Mitt Romney's perfect assessment of Hillary Clinton

It appears that not being an official candidate for the President is a comfortable role for the former GOP presidential nominee as he looks more relaxed while assessing the Democratic front runner: 7 more words


bluebryan reblogged this on hated opinion and commented:

Yep, that's the idea. Hilary Clinton doesn't give a fuck. She doesn't care about you, she's just gonna fed you the bullshit it takes her to win then go back to one of her many mansions. No you cannot trust Hilary Clinton.

Daraa 2011: Syria’s Islamist Insurrection in Disguise

By Prof. Tim Anderson | Global Research | July 5, 2015

“I have seen from the beginning armed protesters in those demonstrations … they were the first to fire on the police.

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