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REVIEW: Things Fall Apart by Hilary Neiman

‘Things Fall Apart’ is a compelling read about author Hilary Neiman’s missteps that landed her in prison after pleading guilty to wire fraud. This is her side of the story, how she grappled with shame, self-pity, and guilt in the hope to one day find a semblance of normalcy and order in her life. 114 more words

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Things Fall Apart by Hilary Neiman

Author Hilary Neiman claims that all she wanted to do with her life was help children find loving homes. She apparently did just that – until one day when the FBI showed up at her National Adoption and Surrogacy Center offices and read her her Miranda rights. 414 more words

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Canadian fertility consultant received $31K for unwittingly referring parents to U.S. 'baby-selling' ring

A Canadian consultant was paid tens of thousands of dollars to refer customers to a so-called “baby-selling” scheme in the United States, according to a court document filed as the first-ever prosecution under this country’s fertility-treatment law ended with a guilty plea from Leia Picard. 908 more words


Ontario fertility raid linked to U.S. 'baby-selling' scandal

A Canadian businesswoman whose fertility-treatment agency has been all but shut down by an RCMP investigation referred clients to a U.S. broker involved in that country’s so-called “baby-selling” scandal, according to a Toronto lawyer who works with the Canadian. 827 more words


Baby-Selling Scam Busted

Making money from childless couples desperate to start a family is contemptible. It is even more disturbing when the scheme is designed by lawyers specializing in the law of reproductive technology who purport to help their forlorn and frantic clients, but are themselves blinded by greed. 414 more words

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Baby-Selling Scam Focuses Attention on Surrogacy

Thanks to surrogates, thousands of people have become parents. Each arrangement takes into account a swirl of complex details: whose genetic material will be implanted in the surrogate; how it will be transferred; where the surrogate — should she get pregnant — will give birth; how much she will be paid for her role in carrying another couple’s child. 871 more words

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numerology for Theresa Erickson and Hilary Neiman

August 10, 2011    3:28 pm

A Maryland attorney who has pleaded guilty to being part of a national “baby-selling” ring allegedly organized by a San Diego attorney is expressing regret. 791 more words