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The Skepticalwalrus Builds a House

Calculating the volume of cement and building the pad

A fellow from one of the local concrete companies bidding the job came out to do some volume calculations. 181 more words

I Tell Ya What

The Skepticalwalrus Builds a House

And the well does not play well with others today

With a day to myself and nothing happening on site but the delivery of fill dirt every two hours or so I figured that it would be a good day to have the well water tested for bacteria and mineral composition. 398 more words

Hill Country


It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature.

Actually, it’s not possible.

She knows all.

Remembers all.

Gives all.

And taketh all.

Nature is like music. 207 more words

The Skepticalwalrus Builds a House

And the Rains are a Coming

This Week I took the week off from work, rented a cabin on the banks of the Guadalupe and threw it all up to the gods. 279 more words

Hill Country

A Whole Day of Photographic Delight

On Saturday I got to spend a whole day at our place in the Texas Hill Country — with nothing to do but take pictures!  What heaven! 244 more words


This week: The Tuna Melt

This Week at Redbud Cafe

Weekly Specials

Each week we feature a special menu item. Check our menu board, this page, or give us a call: 830.833.0202. 289 more words