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What I Remember of Dublin

Dublin, Ireland. 2012.

I remember finding a very cheap way to get to Dublin (£35) to Dublin from Glasgow, Scotland, that included three buses, a ferry, a taxi, and that took over 20 hours of terribly uncomfortable naps. 166 more words


A Trip to Ireland

It seems as if we’ve been on the road for ages. We’ve seen so much, and now that it’s raining (spilling out of the heavens, in fact), it’s the perfect time to write a new blog post. 674 more words


My response to dVerse Poets Pub Poetics: Folk talk

 Not long after I moved to Ireland in 1980, when my daughter was born, we lived near the Hill of Tara in County Meath. 127 more words


Ireland - Celtic Tour

During our stay in Dublin, we wanted to experience a bit more than just the city itself. After a stop in one of the tourist centres, we decided to try the ‘ 415 more words


Big Sky Thinking.

St Patrick’s Day, 2016 is bright and beautiful. The sky is azure, the sun is glancing off the delicate white flowers on our beautiful “snow tree” as my daughter calls it, our graceful  Japanese Plum. 509 more words

When Trackies Attack (feat. the Pee Epic)

When I’ve Never Been Colder

That’s definitely not true considering I go to school in Vermont and am from Upstate New York; but I’m being hyperbolic because… 1,920 more words


Celts & Castles (and Elephants!)

Okay, so, full disclosure,  I stole at least half of this title from the tour Apt. 29 took of Boyne Valley today. No shame. (I mean come on, you’ve got the two “c’s” making that hard “k” sound right in a row; it’s like phonetic music to my ears.) But we’ll get to that. 1,754 more words