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Chemical-Conjunctivitis-Induced Ankle Rolls

Rutland, VT is a trail running paradise that almost nobody knows about. Not only is there Killington–the 2nd highest peak in VT–but also tons of local trails within the city limits. 712 more words


hills, bridges, miles and miles and miles

woof. hill repeats.

last night i ran with the woman who is coaching me for NYM. we did 8 miles, with 6 hill repeats @ 90 seconds, 1:45, 2 min, 2:15, 2:30, 2:45 @ 10k effort. 393 more words

Camp PedalWORKS - a recap ... 🤔

I said previously, I am a slave to numbers. Here are some of the stats I have accumulated while at Camp PedalWORKS. The RED highlights indicate new lows. 797 more words


Training for Giants

It’s a problem every outdoor enthusiast in Wichita has felt: How can I train for my next mountain adventure down here at 1300 ft. with topography that is less than ideal? 593 more words


Hell, thy name is hill repeats ...

… fewer than 24 hours after returning home from a two-week international trip.

We had the choice of a 1.5-mile warmup, or 2.5 miles. Um, that was a no-brainer, considering the workout was mile hill repeats.  253 more words


I'm still here

Apologies for teh lack of posts lately, I’m still alive! Just not running much waiting for this quad to heal properly. The tricky thing is that it might well be healed already, I have no way of knowing as it doesnt start hurting until Ive done 4 or 5 miles and it was fine last time out.  204 more words


Trail Slope Repeats and Planning

Ooh slightly behind on my running blogging. It’s marking season. Life sort of stops during marking season and I’ll emerge feeling a bit fuzzy and disorientated in a couple of week’s time. 759 more words