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Trail Slope Repeats and Planning

Ooh slightly behind on my running blogging. It’s marking season. Life sort of stops during marking season and I’ll emerge feeling a bit fuzzy and disorientated in a couple of week’s time. 759 more words


Polarized training ... 🤔

I have been pleased with my indoor training regimen this winter. I got stronger, more flexible, and improved my VO2 Max. But training in the gym is not the same as cycling outside. 484 more words


Hippie Hill Challenge

A month ago, I was psyched about this challenge. But this past week, I didn’t run a single mile and I was dreading the event. I don’t know if it was fatigue, burnout, or just plain laziness, but I just didn’t want to run. 735 more words


Coeur Hill Repeat Night

Hills. Runners in general kind of hate them, avoid them, and hesitate to sign up for a course that has hills. Because of this, I hosted a ladies hill repeat night with the support of Coeur. 115 more words

Week #7 of 50 Mile Training....(aKa: Quad Killer Week)

The running mileage this week,  starting with Monday, was supposed to be: rest, 4, 6, 6 , rest, 18, 10.   A plan is just a plan, though and it does not account for family life or your general well being! 448 more words

Training Log 2017, 1/2-2/5

1/2 p.m 越野 12k 1/3 p.m 跑步機 10k (4:13/k) 1/4 a.m 起伏馬路 12k (4:34/k) 1/5 p.m 3.2k, 100m x4, 田徑場2k(600m), 1k(400m), 2k: 6:58, 3:20, 6:57… 1,134 more words
訓練記錄 | Training Log

Day 19/ 100

Training day with Hailee .

We squatted. Pause squats , standard squats mixed in with some arm work. Hooray for pull ups.

I also went for a run today with Emilie. 150 more words