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Week 10 - Day 1

4k warm up run, light stretching, 5x100m hill repeats with 5x100m jog/walk down, 3k cool down run.

Weather in Galway usually provides a great small talk subject as it’s quite changeable and it rains quite a bit. 237 more words

Hill Repeats, Kitty Friend, Thoughts On Streaking, A Chance For Snow, And Other Monday Things

I slept right through my 6:45 alarm this morning. Oops. I guess I needed a little extra sleep though, because I woke up at 8 feeling pretty great (look at me, rhyming and stuff ;) )! 877 more words

Runner Girl

Dublin marathon training week 7 - hill repeats and cycles

I didn’t arrive back from my wonderful trip to Mallorca until after 2am on Monday morning so I was EXHAUSTED on Monday. It was a really busy week with meetings and a dentist appointment (you may have noticed from my photos of last week that I only had half a tooth!). 526 more words


Get over it

The bridge will not get me this year.

I have a love-hate relationship with the Army Ten-Miler. I love that I meet up with some of my best friends. 591 more words


Slimy, Yet Satisfying

I’m pretty sure everyone in the country is feeling this heat… Luckily our temps stayed in the double digits here, but I’m sure the heat index reached triple digits easily. 564 more words


Day 18: How Strong are Your Quads?

Back to the grind Core Crew!

Monday’s are leg day and we’re stepping up our leg game to 3┬árounds of 10 and adding a contest in the mix. 589 more words

Amy's Stuff

Switch It Up, Up, Up With Hills

My local track is being resurfaced,which is great because it really needs it, but it means I need to do my interval and speed work elsewhere. 347 more words