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New on 500px : Patit Creek Hillside by nwasphoto

A field of winter wheat on a hillside along Patit Creek soon after a spring rain. Location foothills of the Blue Mountains in eastern Washington State, USA. 6 more words

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Macro Week #11: Day 5.

Macro from Brandon Hill (wildlife coming up).


The Wrekin

The best-known landmark in Shropshire is the Wrekin, at only 1,335 feet it has attracted a lot of attention given its modest size. Those of you who have passed Shrewsbury on the M54 heading to mid-Wales will have noticed this volcanic-looking lump by the side of the road and from the Cressage side ( 593 more words


That One Hill

Ever felt like there’s a hill in front of you, either physical or metaphorical? In the words of Miley Cyrus, “Life’s a climb…” Now while I go throw up because I just made a Disney Channel movie Miley Cyrus reference, Enjoy my poem called “Hills”. 630 more words


Operation Rock Hard. It was exactly what it said on the tin!

Operation Rock Hard, Month 6, Week 2, Day 6, 0600hrs, Open Air Theatre-ish


I could actually just leave the post there. But I won’t. Because saying in one word what I could say in several hundred is really not my style! 760 more words