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Resilient Tree at Sunset

Of all the plant phyla, I’ve always felt a particular affinity for the conifers. Those spiny softwood survivors have a diverse yet particular set of aromatic compounds that accompany them; I can chart a lot of happy memories to pine or cypress groves and their applied organic chemistry. 35 more words


This particular House On the Hill Within Arkansas Comes forth From The Trees and shrubs

This Home On A Slope In Illinois Emerges Through the Trees | CONTEMPORIST

Photography simply by Wesley Wall space
Architect Wesley Walls of Polk Stanley Wilcox Architects provides sent all of us photos from the …

The Roll-Away Pumpkin by Junia Wonders and Daniela Volpari

Marla Little’s pumpkin was rolling down the hill. She warned others that it was rolling. She screamed for help and started chasing it. The farmer followed her and gave chase too. 107 more words

Children's Fiction

The space before home

I remember being extremely grateful to get off the school bus every day. School busses are a special kind of bus-related-hell. Unless you are good friends with someone who gets off at your stop or a stop after you, you are on your own to deal with a bunch of shitty kids who you have nothing in common with except that you get on the bus that turns “left” out of the school parking lot instead of “right.” 837 more words